I am just getting up going to take a long bubble bath get all nice and soft finish shaving legs and chest. Everything is layed out for this my bra my open bottom girdle. Skirt and blouse my stockings an large nylon panty. I am nervous as I do this will be meeting him at our usual spot and then he is taking me out for a quick bite to eat then back to his truck for the rest of the night I have been out to the place we are meeting yesterday to see what the area was like especially inside the diner where the bathrooms are. I will douche and shower later in the day as it gets closer to the time
Here is the blouse I will wear tonight
Betty9953 Betty9953
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Lucky you, love the blouse, you sound so cute

nice,, love to see the big panties and girdle on you too,,,,

Just got out of shower and had douched lots of ky finished shaving close foundation as pressed powder blush then mascara and eyeliner feeling nervous and excieted
Butterflies in my stomach will need to sit in front of air conditioner to cool off all clothes are still layed out for me

Sitting in the parking lot waiting for my man I know I am early but I hate to be late lets me see who else is around and scout the situation

Phone just rang will be here in 10 minutes can't wait to see. Danny

Here we going heading into the midway diner nerveous

I got mamm at the diner

Went real well

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