I Am Totally In Love With An Older Man

I have always liked older men. Maybe it is because they aren't so immature.  If your dating a man in his thirties then he probably has the mental capacity of one in there 20's.  While my experience of dating men my age seems like I am babysitting.  Anyways he is 17 years my senior. He is 39 and I am 23. And I am completley in love with this man. Everything about him. He is my soul mate, and I am going to take his last name.  I have never been this in love before.
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6 Responses Jun 19, 2010

I hope your relationship is still growing stronger. Im sure your sex is great. One good thing about going with an older man is sexual experience.

I am dating a man 14 years older, I'm in my forties. I am not thrilled with the age difference, though. He is in great shape and everyone thinks he is forty but I wish he was younger because life is only so long. At this point, I wouldn't go seek an older man on purpose. But, he happened to be who I fell for.....

I wish the best for you and your man!, <br />
I am also dating a man 17 years older than me, and there is no way I'd ever go back!

guess there's some hope for us older guys. lol guess we've just had a lot of practice. lol

Haha i love the way you explained that

I really think your spot on concerning the lag time for a man on catching up to the emotional maturity of a woman. The gap is obvious from puberty and actually seems to increase with age. Parts of me refuse to get any older than 17, if you get my drift. Best of luck and wishes to you. Savor every minute.