Mmm...the Sound Of Your Voice Is Eroticism At Its Best To My Ears!

My business gentleman calls me after not talking for a few days...since I ended it he thought I was mad at him...and he really wanted to tell me off apparently but decided he would just give me space and time. His self assurance and confidence is such a major turn on. He makes me smile and laugh with such ease. He has this unique devious chuckle that just sends a ripple through my whole body. He sighs so damn damn sexy...Boy does he know it too. According to him...he is the Big Bad Wolf...grrrr. I wonder how bad he really is....I call him a tease and he assures me he that nothing he is doing is a tease...that his little girl is going to get that spanking she so deserves...she asked and well receive....that when we finally meet I will not be able to walk and I will be restless. I say bring it on Daddy...well if we ever do meet my love...I so look forward to giving myself over to you.

I just cannot get enough of the more mature and sophisticated delicious;P
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4 Responses Nov 19, 2010

Oh, Baby, that story, and your pic, what a turn on !!!
Peter xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Sweet story. I've always preferred older gentlemen...from way back. They seem to enjoy my company too. Thank you for sharing your story Little Red Riding Hood!

Told you...never say never. :-)