You Have No Idea.

Not just older, but often married, as well.

I've determined that I'm attracted to the talent, intelligence, wit, and looks of older men. I've found it to be much more socially acceptable in England than in the US (have lived both places).

My first kiss was with a man 40 years my senior. I was 17. 5 years later, I still consider him my closest friend. We have a strange relationship, but I wouldn't change it for the world. As a "kid," my celebrity crushes were always old blokes. Once I realized it was possible to date older men, I went for it and haven't had any regrets.

I'm currently seeing a professor who's 33 years older than I. His two daughters are both older than I. The only time he's brought up age was when we first began this - "What does a 21-year-old talented, beautiful, smart girl like you want with a 55-year-old married man?" - - For the record, it was a green card marriage. She needed citizenship. They don't get along at all (as they work together, it's visible to the world, too). Anyhow, I'm not here for that reason, and don't bother commenting if you're just going to preach.

I've also dated a 41-year-old software programmer holding royal honours, another 41-year-old (also a professor), 38-year-old internationally acclaimed musician, and a 32-year-old barrister. I've had additional flings with men ranging from 28-52.

Of the older men with whom I've been involved, I've found that I've made the best connections with the oldest ones. I'm excited to see where things go with my current love.
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I love British girls! Wish I lived there, yes, they are much more open to older guys than here in the US unfortunetly

I am 66 and dating a lady 43. She makes me feel like 17 again. Do you think it is wrong?

I agree, there is just something about older men that is very attractive. And thank you for sharing this, all my friends thought me weird for liking the older the teen heart throbs were cute but I was really interested in the men.

I'm with the other guys (ie older guys). We often get dismissed by the younger crowd as being old geezers. But we know how to treat a woman and have a lot to offer a young woman. Glad to hear it's working out for you.

i also support you older men know how to make it

It is very encouraging to know there are wonderful young women out there like yourself. I am not looking for a younger woman just for the thrill or any sort of ego thing. I just find myself fitting inmuch better with a younger crowd. I have a very high energy level and very involved in sports, activities and hobbies. Most women in my age range are not nearly as active anymore. When & If I find that younger woman of my dreams I will treat her like she has never been treated before in nothing but the best ways. A lifetime of love, passion and caring while treating her with the utmost of respect and understanding.

Would you consider a younger guy?

I am a guy and straight so why would I want a guy of any age?

Love that you appreciate us older men. We have certainly learned a lot about life and how to behave and be interesting. And of course many of us just have this weakness for younger women.