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I just turned 20 six days ago, I am currently dating a 35 year old (multi-millionaire), and my fiance-to-be is 26 (surgeon). Then there is another guy who is 28 (owns a reputable photo studio). Well, we all need a contingency plan....


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working hard

very cheap ,seriously think again is ur love worth the money

Come on, come on, love me for the money. -AC/DC<br />
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Seriously, fun is fun, if having money gives me more fun, which it does, then so be it.<br />
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You go, girl.

My aunt is a really attractive lady, she was doing the same thing.. I guess she was just young and we all thought she was stupid. But at the end of the day it was all due to her disdain for men that she would take so much from them, funny thing is the men were too in love with her to know. She eventually found someone that she could loved and they have been together for years. <br />
I love my aunt, so i wouldn't judge. I just hope that you find love someday.. if you want it.

there are so many different cultures on this planet. Each has their own way of dealing with different issues. <br />
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I understand your situation, your motivations, etc. More power to you. I hope it works out for you the way you want it to.

Well I disagree with what you are doing but certain comments are downright mean....

I used to use men for their money as well..<br />
For me it was for a few reasons..<br />
<br />
*So-called Getting back at all the men who hurt me in the past..I felt I 'deserved' money, gifts, etc to make up for what I had endured...<br />
*Control, I had been very submissive and taken advantage of in the past & this was my way..of having MY WAY. Not taking **** anymore, etc.<br />
*Desperation due to mental instability and being able to properly take care of myself- the things, ie; money, trips, gifts filled the empty space inside me and gave me something to look forward to<br />
<br />
People can look at it from many ways, but at least from my own's essentially a way of coping with painful feelings, a way to fill a void. It doesn't mean someone is a bad my view, it's just a step on a path to healing.<br />
<br />
It has taken me a long time to get to the point where I no longer want these things (however, I still have occasional times when I will feel horrible and Impulsively buy things, or hint to someone that I want a gift..but then the feeling passes and I move on)<br />
<br />
ps- I don't write a lot of comments or stories, as I so much want to get my point out in a way that everyone will understand just what I mean. I suppose it's not possible as views and words are very easily misinterpreted whether intentional or not..I hope that someone finds worth in what I write or try to convey.<br />
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♥ u NYM. :)

I just skipped all the bullshit to the bottom here. <br />
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I see the general theme in the original story is money, but seeing as how I am a degenerate myself, Im not going to judge. Good for you.<br />
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From what I have pieced together you arent happy with your current arranged marriage situation? Why go through with it? Ive talked my sister out of an arranged marriage because she did not like the guy at all and did it to make my folks happy. I got disowned for it, but I think I did what was best for my sister, now she is happily married to guy she loves.<br />
<br />
So the question is not about the money or the number of men you are seeing, the question is, why go through an arranged marriage if you arent happy. Why not do what you want? If you answered in the previous 57 comments, dont worry then and I will sift through the crap.

I am surprised that AyuervedicOverdose is.. dare I say taking my side?

Tek, it is about time you posted a pic. You are not only intelligent, you are very beautiful; good night all.<br />
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Nymph, not sure if you are being sarcastic, but it's okay. I was you at exactly the same age, before i got out and never looked back. But with growth, and some (i'm sure i could use more) maturity , thank god i do not still have the same thoughts and outlook as i did at 19. I hope this happens for you.<br />
I have nothing more to say on the topic, and i wish you well in my heart i do. I so do. I think you are a truly hurting soul. I do feel your pain. It is not anger with which you lash out, it is pain. <br />
<br />
I must say one thing that has bothered me though. I did not like your comment about questioning why Lexus is still commenting. It is an open forum here, on this story, and this site. If you are going to post a story, and express your opinions, then you should prepare to and be able to handle any opposing view points/opinions as well. She, and all others have a right to be here as you do dear. <br />
Good luck. (hugs)

Sharp wit

You are right, Nymph, it is your own cross to bear. I think, IMHO, that there is some using here, some immaturity, and some selfishness on your part. I also find it even more ironic that for a misandrist, you actually are even having anything to do with men at all, let alone THREE. <br />
I think you do not hate men at all. I think there is some self hate for yourself, for sure, for whatever reason, however. Also, to claim to "hate" men, based on a few, yes horrible incidents, but a few, is akin to racism. A black person robbed me so i hate all black people. (no i don't and it never happened).

I can't trust any of them, except my fiance-to-be (he really is decent), as for the other two; the photo studio guy is just for fun and the multi-millionaire nothing substantial is going to happen; its too risky as he isn't even muslim and 15 years older than me and I know in the long run he will choose his assets over me, so I am going to take the ride as long as possible. one of them of bound to **** up. And I don't need any of you to give me props or "judge", for it's my own cross to bear.

Why would you lead on three men at the same time? Assuming it ISN'T about the sex or the money, as you said, are you attracted to their minds? Is there something more than a [prestigious job and good looks? If these men were in a serious accident and needed to depend on you for the rest of their lives (pick one) could you support them? Could you stick around?<br />
<br />
Although this does speak volumes for your maturity. A mature young woman would realize that dating isn't all fun and games forever. Contingency plan, eh? Your contingency plan is going to back fire on you. :)

Gee, this all saddens me. I do appreciate everyone's opinions, but can we not get by without name calling, and telling people to eff off, and dog's defecating. ??? and total put downs? <br />
It saddens me too, that Nymph chooses to justify and rationalize her hate for men based on a few, albeit horrible experiences. I have 25 yrs on Nymph easily, and i cannot begin to tell you the pain i have endured at the hands of men, starting as a child with a step father who favoured little girls. I do not hate men. I can only seriously hope this is a "phase" you are going through Nymph, for lack of a better word. Real lack of a better word. I'm sorry you feel this way. I do not however pity you as you have suggested some do. You are young, and you have a lot of growth yet to do. I hope you find inner peace with yourself one day . It is there that all will be resolved.

'your comments are equivalent to a dog defacating on the lawn'<br />
<br />
holy crap thats funny [but not who it was directed to, i dont wish to get involved in that....but the comment alone was hilarious]<br />
<br />
as for your lifestyle, you're not me, so i dont what you wish. i dont think it will bring you happiness, but you will have a lot of sh-t; pretty dresses, nice cars....but once the money is no longer enough, and eventually that will be the case, you will have to decide then if your choices were worth it.<br />
<br />
as for being married and seeing other people, i'm sorry, if he doesnt approve, then thats just wrong [dont you feel bad?]....if he does approve, then to each their own. i see no problem there [and neither should anyone else].

Lexus why are you still commenting?

Well said thatisnotme. Very impressive.

Lexus... I left high school last year, and I dont even act like that... some of my friends do, but I pray to good they grow out of it...<br />
No wonder men treat you like dirt, as you said in your other story. You get what you give hun.

I think it is....High School was about the maturity level I had when I dated men based on what they financially had to offer....before I grew up and learned that was immature and rediculous not to mention terribly selfish.

I'm sorry I just don't agree with people using others for there own gain. You may agree with it and that surprises me very much. People shouldn't play with other peoples hearts or there minds. This is very low and I strongly disapprove of this sort of thing. I am sorry that my comment was hateful but you have struck a nerve with this post. .

This whole thing is a fantasy. Let's be honest.

*weeps* that really hurt me.

can't we agree to disagree...

No worries...I assure you...:)

JD and Lexus **** off, your comments are equivalent to a dog defacating on the lawn..

Ouch - bad all the way around. I'm not usually judgemental either...

I am entiteled to my view and to express them...just as anyone is.<br />
<br />
Dont mean to mean to dispell the notion that "women" understand these type of actions as was stated earlier. I am a woman and I do not. come here to vent? Certainly misunderstood this one and still fail to see how it is venting....what exactly are you venting about. Do you hate having three men as continguency plans?<br />
<br />
It sounded like a brag to me.

ps- I'm 27& POOR, still luv me? ;P

hehehe ...this is a funny thread. I've had some male 'money slaves' and older rich men (strictly casual relationships) that pampered me, went on a few trips ... but as far as actual relationships.. definitely not about money for me. <br />
cuddles, sentimental words, actions, and little things like sweet notes or drawings I'm all about.<br />
<br />
I agree with Tekkamaki, living with less is best.. The more things you own, the more those things actually own you in the end...

Tekkamaki you are the only one who completely understands my psche and motivations the others are just leaving socially desirably comments.. Just because I selected the screen name "nymphomaniac" doesn't mean I have sex. You idiots, I was date-raped by my ex and hadn't had sex since 2006.. Why do you think I have to spread my legs to get their attention?? don't you think I know that sex is just easily available for them? And THEY are the ones who chased after me and I kept my cool, I didn't even know about their "incomes" till much later.

First of all, I am not putting out. Gawwd, I come to EP to vent, and you people are just so annoying. You think I need your pity?? What makes you think you are God and can foretell my future?? "you will be cold and lonely". Why don't you actually berate people who abuse women and children or commit other heinous crimes?? You think I am an easy target so you to take the moral high ground and preach. And if you can't digest what I am writing no one is forcing you to read or leave your pathetic comments!

Its true that true unconditional love is rare perhaps...but it does exist.<br />
<br />
In fact just had an email land in my inbox today that was a wonderful reminder of its existence. <br />
<br />
An elderly man rushes to meet his wife for breakfast every single day. She is in a nursing home suffering from Altzhimers...she no longer knows him but enjoys the company for breakfast. <br />
<br />
Meeting her needs because he loves her....expecting nothing in return...knowing its impossible.<br />
<br />
That my friends is love!!

ditto what Lexus said.

As a female I do not understand...<br />
<br />
I dont give to the man I love for "free" as if that term should ever even apply...I give to the man I love because I love him and wish to...<br />
<br />
Whatever happened to that "plan" in relationships??<br />
<br />
If one wants to date men for the gifts they give...ok whatever. But be honest with them about at least the fact that they arent your one and only. And goodness dont agree to marry one, or be engaged while conducting yourself in such a manner.

Wife Pleaser & JD - my guess is is that these guys are not COMPLETELY stupid; while I don't agree with nymph using people for money and to buy her things, I'm sure the guys are prolly using her for sex, and everyone is prolly good with the relationships they have. Again, I'm not condoning what she is doing, I'm just saying there is prolly some using going on on both ends, that's all.

I still hate men, but what's wrong with dating them if they buy you things?

When I was in my 20's I dated older men too. It certainly wasn't because they had money or even a nice job. I just thought men my age were mostly idiots. Guess a contingency plan isn't a bad idea. Does your fiance know about the other two contingency plans? LOL

Uhhhh....a 26 year old surgeon???