I Love My Older Men

I have always dated older men.  I was not trying to fill a void that my absent "father" left me with or anything else, I have just always found myself attracted to them.  The older men I date are mature and responsible, yet still like to go out and live life.  They respect that I haven't gone through all of the experiences they have, but they also realize I've gone through a lot they haven't and probably never will.  I bring a lot to the table, as do they, and they can respect that.  Yes, "boys" my own age are often far too immature for me, I have an old soul and do not tolerate the bullshit they often carry with them.  I tried dating a younger guy once, the age difference was only two years and you know what it got me?  A bruised cheek & split lip.  While I know not every guy younger than me hits women, it is something I NEVER had to deal with with one of my older guys.  And you know what else?  It was one of my older exes who took care of things when that happened.  They are the ones I can remain friends with and still enjoy their company even when things don't work out.  There has never been the ugliness in a breakup that so many of my friends have experienced with guys their own age.

In short, I love my older men and until I have reason to change that, I will continue to date them and love every minute of it.
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maybe you are different, other wise i found young girls short minded. again i am not saying all of them are same but whoever i spoke to, they dont even sure what they want.

Very true! Once you date an older guy you never go back.my experience with younger guys has been terrible.its something I don't even think about. I love my men old:)

I tried to send you a "kind" note, several times, but it did n't seem to go. But thank you for what you wrote. I'll send this, then write a bit more. xx

Well said young lady. I like how you express yourself. You do know though that when you become older you'll probably change your mind and being the mature woman will probably want a young stud that YOU can control and that they will a bunch of stamina. But for now, enjoy. I know I wish I could have a young lady that would enjoy me as an older man.

7 yrs later & still feel the same way. :)

I like that you still feel the same way. How about you and be friends? Would you add me?

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Older men are wonderful. Sexually, mentally, emotionally. I am dating someone my age now and not a day goes by where I don't miss dating someone older. Not a day.

Glad to hear you like older men.

Nope, not a Stacie, ie or otherwise. :)

Damn, I would swear your an ol' gal of mine....But then again, I'm sure your name isn't stacie...w/a I E

Thanks for this great comment. The best relationship in my life was with a woman 20 years younger who asked me out. We got along so well, she asked me if I would have kids with her if we married and I realized I was happy to do that with her because of how she made me feel. She had some problems with her family accepting me and I understood that, so it did not last but I was never looking for someone that much younger yet we were a perfect match.

Goldie, I think younger women rock. :) My girlfriend is 32 and I am 56 and we get along great.

I agree with you on the whole maturity thing. my husband is my age and i have all kinds of issues with him. he has no drive. he is violent he is lazy. my sisters husband is ten years older and he is a real provider and a gem. I always thought an older guy would be boring and too controlling but my young husband is both of those things so that theory is out the window for me now. i think older guys rock.

same here I agree.