Why Older Men Are Appealing

I went to school at a younger age than mostly everyone I know, so I tend to hang out with an older crowd anyway. I hate the age period that I'm in-- partway between home and school, floating around doing nothing, partying, living on Kraft Dinner and being poor. It's fun but draining.

Older men seem to be more succesful. They have achevied their goals, know what they're doing and aren't afraid to do it. They have life experience. There are no games and no bullshit. And it helps that they seem to be better in bed. ;)
shayla shayla
18-21, F
4 Responses Apr 2, 2007

Sounds like you found out why so many young ladies like an older man, I can tell you as an older man we too enjoy having a young hottie to please and spoil. I'd love to find one for myself, a young lady makes us feel young and more alive as well as appreciated. :-)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about us older guys. Yes, I would like to find a young lady that I can see occasionally for sexual relations. I find I like the young attitude. Most times women my age, all they do is complain and gossip and aren't very light spirited. However, young ladies seem to laugh at the silly things and that lightens my spirit as well.

I married a young lady who at the time Loved me for who I was, strong and accomplished. As it turns out she was looking for her father and did not love me at all. The 2nd time around I was married as a provider, not for love. The third time the young lady I married was for my for strength, openness, and being a nice guy. Does she know how to love me.. no! I am 62 and having a Great Affair with an older woman.

What an interesting comment. Why do you say she was looking for her father?
And good for you to be open to whatever comes along.

Her father was strong and had left her at the age of 8. He was very successful in business, but had no tolerance for children. He came back to his wife twenty years later (because he had cancer) in to her life after she was out of college. I married her two years later unknowing about this situation. It became revealed as we were going to marriage counseling a couple of years later....Enjoy!

Thank you for all the compliments I am an older guy with a young girl friend and that is what she says literally. Especially the last bit of better in bed always surprises me, I dont know why better?