Attracted To Older Men

Well, a while ago I began dating a man three years older than me. Our age wasn't a big deal, but the relationship ended. I am now currently seeing a man who is thirteen years older than me. He acts immature some times, is an art major, and we are into a lot of the same stuff, and may potentially move in together if things go well. Is this weird... I never had daddy issues, I had a great father, I just like older men. He's so sweet and funny and caring and is always craving my attention, and just makes me feel like the most important person in the world! I just don't know what my parents would say.... I mean, I am almost ready to move out, but I really like their approval, any ideas or thoughts about this? :/
cuteNcurvy cuteNcurvy
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3 Responses Aug 9, 2012

I wish we could go out on a date.

HAHAHAAH You guys are funny, and I suck at making myself clear! this was a rant I posted from when I was a teenager :P I'm 21 now, single, and not letting ANYONE keep me from doing what I want!!!!

ooohhh boy tough one all i can say is tell then and hope and pray that they accepte it and be side once your old enough to move out they have no more say anyway.