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I mentioned in the title at least of an earlier story that I have had three older lovers, and I still attract older men, which is nice. There was Jean-Michel, and there was Fergal, the third man was a colleague (in the sense of his being a vineyard owner who uses our facilities), over twenty-five years older than me, married and with two daughters.

Although we had spoken a few times before he had never been particularly engaging, just business-like, until he came into the offices and my boss was away, so he wanted to leave him a message. I remember the day well, it was hot, and I was wearing a white lace minidress with nothing on beneath it. I was standing with my back to him, sipping a cold drink, looking at a file on my cabinet close to my desk. I was alone in my part of the office.

He said: 'Good afternoon Miss Rosis, I was hoping to see Charles today (my boss)', and I turned to reply 'He's over at Pezroul' and I stopped as I saw how he received me. He observed: 'I'm sorry, but do you know your dress is as good as see-through?' I smiled, and told him: 'It's hot here today in the office, Charles didn't mind!' He countered: 'I bet he didn't!' My dress wasn't so much short as fine of lacework, although it obscured some areas I knew my nipples pointed through. It was a beginning.

A couple of days later Charles and I were invited up to Florent's and he was very warm towards me!
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It would be hard for any man not to


great story