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Older Men? Perfect

My experiences with guys are almost with older men. I only been with three guys around my age, the others were all at least 20 years older than me.
I don't like the skinny ones, i prefer men with beer belly, maybe hairy too.
I don't think i have daddy issues...they are simply my types of guys.
girl18889 girl18889 18-21, F 62 Responses Aug 20, 2012

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Awesome baby

Don't really have a "beer" belly, I just really enjoy my food! ;-) lol... I'm 49, is that too old for you? If not, I'd love to talk. Please write, add me, or both! :-)

and you're their type I can assure you ;)

Thats sounds hot ! just to watch you get fu**d by one old man is allready sooo hot !

Pick me?! 😃

That's me! Add me please.

Thats so hot

Add me

add me

if you enjoy older men then you might like an older Master, message me if your interested in hearing more.

I think I fill the bill. Please add me as a friend

I'm older and love video games I have 3 Xbox360 so I can play in bed in the living room one in my guest room just in case a friend crashes for the night.

and, I have always preferred bi and or les women !

Well I'm an older man , and I totally love younger women!

I'm an old girl and have had them all. I think 25 to 35 year old men were my best lovers. I was not a one night stander. I liked fun men who were honest with me. I was honest back. Marymarthazetta read my stories

You'll find no shortage of them on here. lol

Did you have a naughty uncle yet? I can be one for you, just don't let your parents know.

oh you are a bad girl dadd is gona have to spank that *** with his tongue. friend me sweetheart ill give you the time of your life texas style

I'm 42 and fit your discription. We should hook up! ;) Please add me as a friend.

I'd love to **** you ;-)

me ?

Im the right age babe ! check out my pics and let me know if you like , and if you could handle me !

So ******* sexy

I love your nice butt..this older man would love to play anytime.

Speaking of perfect, you have the perfect body and WOW !!

age doesn't matter in our personal preferences as long as you don't plan for marriage! Love to share experiences with you!

I wish you were close to me .... You sound perfect to me. Please add??

always nice to know what you enjoy. It is very nice for us older guys that a cutie like you enjoys older men

I guess I would be perfect then.

I am 43 and in good shape. Would love to meet or just chat sometime.