It Just Came Naturally

I've always felt more comfortable around people older than me. I really couldn't find to many people that I could relate to or even share the same common interests as I that were my age. I started making friends with older men because they would hold a good conversation with me and also told me that I'm a beautiful and unique individual, unlike boys my age who made me feel uneasy shy or ackward because I don't think like they do. Anyways, long story short I dated a 42 year old woman for 2 years and i currently in a relationship with a 47 year old man. either way i dont know how it came to b this way but i know for sure being with my man(who doesnt look a day over 35) makes me feel soo happy, secure, excited,loved more and more everyday. thanks for reading this please comment!

ps..did i mention i may have daddy issues?
mikeandkim mikeandkim
26-30, F
1 Response Jan 27, 2013

Hi. Would love to be your daddy. If need to chat add me baby girl