They Are More Experienced

Most of the guys I date are older by at least ten years.I dont plan it that way,it just happens.But I have found that they are more mature(guys...mature?),more experienced(ooh la la!), and have way WAY more respect than guys my age.The only setback I have come across is they are also more set in their ways and their problems are more serious.I can just communicate better with them though and they are just plain sexier.I love men in their thirties!
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3 Responses May 29, 2007

YA know, it's funny. Not all old men are ill and need taking care of. Many younger men are frail and sickly also. To throw out slur words like ********* just because of age is what is sick. Usually it's a behavior that makes someone a ********* and your behavior and words make you a socailly unacceptable person.

Y ou might like them now, but when you are older and they are OLDER! You will regret it. My mom is 65 and my dad is 87. I hated it growing up. They are so far apart in age. She does not love him. It is down right gross. It is like borderline PedOfil. YUCK<br />
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Do you want to take care of some old man that should be in a nursing home?<br />
No thanks!

You are not alone - my wife is 11 years younger than me - we've been together for 11 years this fall. Best part - Still in love!