Older Is Better

I have always prefered older men, lately I have been really interested in much older guys and recently went with a guy who i would previously never have considered going with as he is stereotypically way too old, but oh my, what a man!
KellyJ KellyJ
26-30, F
10 Responses Jun 4, 2007

I'm 68 and my wife just turned 43...

Hi Kelly, I'm about twice your age. Would you add me? I'd love to chat with you, maybe more if you're interested.

You made my day.

Thanks for sharing I am 64 still young Lol I would like to be added Glen

I'm 47 and I wouldn't recommend having sex with me, far too old!

Hmmm...I am 49 to be 50 in a few months. Do I qualfiy as older?

A bit, not all good though!

If I thought that you were mad, I would need my own head examined. As you can tell from my profile I am 53.<br />
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I am sure that you must get a lot of attention from guys of any age.

'When you say older, at what age would that be?'<br />
<br />
At least 10 years older, but ideally a generation older. I am 33, I enjoy the company and attention of guys over 50. Im sure some will think I'm mad though!

That is such a relief for someone over 50.<br />
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When you say older, at what age would that be?