I am 23 years old and ever since i started dating I have always dated older men.  the man that took my virginity was 26 and i was 16.  i know to some that may seem bad but i could never picture myself with someone my own age.  I had one boyfriend who was 2 years older than me and he was just too immature for me although we were together for a year. 

if someone doesn't know how old i am they usually think im in my late 20s and thats fine with me.  they say i dont act my age.  to me, older men are just more mature and more interesting.  younger guys just dont seem to know what they want and most of them spend their time doing things that i find childish.  the man that i spent 4 years of my life with was 13 years older than me and my current boyfriend is 15 years older than me.  i relate to both of them very well...our age differences weren't even an issue although my ex was an idiot. 

my aunt once told me the reason she thinks i like older men is because i'm looking for a father figure.  it may be true.  i have a worthless father.  but i just feel like its natural for me to be with an older man.  not like a huge age gap...im not looking for a wealthy old man to take care of me.  i'm just looking for stability and a man who knows what he wants.  not many younger men can provide me with that.
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Y ou might like them now, but when you are older and they are OLDER! You will regret it. My mom is 65 and my dad is 87. I hated it growing up. They are so far apart in age. She does not love him. It is down right gross. It is like borderline PedOfil. YUCK<br />
<br />
Do you want to take care of some old man that should be in a nursing home?<br />
No thanks!

I agree with you :).