IN My 20s Yes--now In My 40s, Forget It!

In our 20s men are so much less mature, we are naturally drawn to an older man.  He is more stable, emotionally and financially, and is flattered by the attentions of a younger woman.  (speaking in generalities here)

In our 40s, a lot of those same older men are a little too set in their ways, somewhat stodgy, and dont worry about their physique anymore.  (nothing personal guys, and I do realize that there are exceptions!)

I have to vote for the younger guys at this point!   8-)

classicrockcowgirl classicrockcowgirl
46-50, F
1 Response Jul 16, 2007

I am 56 and I still look good and make sure I do . I am told I am a very good lover and a fun guy . At this age I have the resourses to treat a lady very well . Were not all pot belly couch spuds at this age .