My Younger Wife

Y ou would think with 4 kids in the house that I would be far from lonely. The last 2 years have been the worst but also some of the best of my life. My wife passed away in March of 2007 from a unknown heart problem. She was the reason I got up every morning and the energy that fueled me through the day. She was beautiful, funny, compassionate. She was the best lover I ever had and the best friend I could ever want. Just hearing her voice would ease any tension i had. She was my drug. I was totally addicted!!!!  When it comes to being a mom, the words I type will never do her justice. The beautiful children she brought into this world are what keeps her alive in my eyes every day. When I see them I see her. She made every day the best it could be. She made life beautiful and alive. Every day I come home I can picture her standing in the doorway with a smile and a kiss reserved only for me. I work for the local Sheriffs dept and always had a cool story or two I wanted to run home and share with her. She was the focal point of my life. We used to stay up all night long just gabbing by candle light about our dreams and fears. The movie the Notebook had nothing on us. We were the real deal. We never argued about anything. Never worried about what was to come. That is my message to you. LIFE IS SHORT. TOMORROW MAY NOT COME FOR SOME OF US. BE HAPPY, STAY HAPPY, AND MAKE SURE THE ONES YOU LOVE KNOW YOU LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!

I posted this in this group because she was only 16 when we met and I was 22. We waited till she was of age before anything physical happened but it just goes to show that love has no boundaries. When you know you know. I can't imagine my life if I had thrown it all away because of the worry of what people would think. 14 beautiful years together, 4 perfect children, Complete bliss. Everyone was jealous of what we had. Life brings you what you want but you need to want it bad enough......



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Great Story! Sorry for your loss! I actually lost a child and it wrecked me too! I don’t know what it’s like to lose your spouse but I could only imagine the pain and anguish involved when you are actually in love. So many people don’t tell the ones they love how they truly feel and I hope your story inspires more people to speak up and tell their loved ones how they feel about them! Thank you for sharing! God bless you!

Thank you for writing this.

I can not say much,I'm just in tears!!!

I thought this was a beautiful touching story and all i can say is it's better to have loved and lost to have never loved at all. Sometimes those who are happiest have the saddest outcomes. I lost a parent recently and i am only 13 and i have some advice for make a memory box for each of your children or just one big one for all of them, put in it little things that sum up your wife just so your kids and you never forget what a wonderful woman she was. xxx

Thanks for sharing, it ives those of us that hasn't felt that way something to shoot for and possibly remind those who haven't to try more.

Thanks for sharing, it ives those of us that hasn't felt that way something to shoot for and possibly remind those who haven't to try more.

thank you for shareing this with us you are a inspiration to us all

Love is beautiful. When I read your verses about your wife, tears filled my eyes. God bless her soul and give you the patience and strength to raise your kids better, thus her soul will be happy.

Thank you for the reminder to cherish the moments we have. Sometimes life seems to get in the way of knowing that, and petty arguments seem to grow into disagreements. I know I am very lucky to have found my husband (who is 18 years older than myself), and our only *real* arguments are ever about money. Since that is the bane of our existence, I don't believe those are even legitimate to call arguments. <br />
I often wonder the reverse to your situation. Because of the age difference, the odds that I will outlive my husband are quite high. I cannot imagine that day, that loneliness, that lost feeling. I cannot imagine what you have felt as you have seen your children and remembered once again what is missing. It makes me want to cry just to think about it. I can empathize with your loss, in terms of understanding how deep those feelings must run, but I pray that I will have many more years before I can sympathize with you. <br />
I am sorry you have had to handle such a great loss, and I hope the best for your future, and that of your children as well.

I never believed that love should have an age limit. Sometimes it just doesn't... It's not ok for you to love someone 5 minutes before midnight on their 17'th birthday, but it's ok the second they turn 18? Nahhh. Doesn't happen that way.<br />
Your wife sounded like a wonderful woman. I'm so sorry for your loss... but you had something for a brief time that most people never have at all. You are lucky. <3

Though your story is incredibly tragic, I am happy that you were able to love someone so fully. It's unfortunately often difficult to find pure, unadulterated love... I wish you the best in your future.

Your wife sounded like a wonderful woman, who had an amazing life. Thank you for sharing.<br />
:)<br />