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I just turned 18 and i find myself being attracted to older men, (most of the time it's the other way around though) my current boyfriend is 26 and really to tell the truth i'm tired of having to be miss 21 and i'm only 18, you know acting older than you really are just to make him feel comfortable. I'm still young, and he's talking about working full time (when i want to go to college) and getting my own place , when i dont even have a bank account! i need someone who would laugh at the same things i would instead of having a poker face all the time!
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I adore younger ladies at your age and I think it's absolutely appealing that still act like an 18yo. You should go to college and I would love to be around you when your home from college and getting all hot and sexy. I love how 18yo girls act and laugh at things. It's so refreshing from the mundane adult life. That's why I still hike, dirtbike, kayak, shoot, do archery, go 4 wheeling and more.

Im willing to do that :)

Hey im a Im blk n greek 38 im 6 5 love music n sports im.loyal romantic very sexual n loving born in chicago now in miami I.wanna get to kno.u wats ur number.lets talk ima txt u text me up lets talk 7863663729 im.lookn.for relationship or jus a textn bud

ill take care of u right

I'd LOVE to flirt with such a lovely young lady

Lemme say upfront that, tho I'm 64, I go to gym 4 times a week & often go on 90-mins walks - like the beautiful walk home from

& each time I go clubbing, I'm the only guy dancing with big circles of teens/20s/30s girls - who love being photo'd with me & trying on my cowboy hat

I also go to 3 weekly discussion groups of

& 1/2/3 weekly karaokes. rehearsing for The Voice 2013

& make good use of Cineworld Unlimited Cinema Card

& may well invest in AGT Card - viable in nearly all UK theatres

As for eclectic tastes & interests, I won EP Prolific Author Trophy in just 5 days

Ever visit Liverpool, Manchester, Chester or Southport?

How @ Preston or Blackpool?

Google northwestscene & say what grabs ya, OK?

OH: Mr Versatile: Man Of 1000 Voice plans 2 hit albums & 2 hit world tours, 2014/15

Where is ya nearest big city?

Hi, I just saw your post but it's 4 years old and I can't view your profile. Are you still on the site, and how are things going in your relationship life? :)

I am 42 and Married to a 37 yr old I also have a 20yr old Friend (That chose me) I let her be herself I have many things in common ,music ,clubbing, just hagging out ,she is quit intelligent for her age.She enjoys some things a younger guy cant give .Like the attention most guys dont care about ,and yes the financial issues also .But I dont expect anything from her except being herself ,try telling you guy to like you for who you are not who your not yet

yeah you don't need to lie either. you need to find someone you can be yourself with.

Age has nothing to do with what you want and what he wants. I dated guys my own age who already stopped living, just worked and watched tv. On the other hand I met older men, who liked to do a lot of things, wanted to go out, explore life....

It is not life, it is attituede. I agree with the other comments, find someone else, with the same dreams as you have