I'm Gonna Get It For This

I date older men because I find that they have to be older to be at the same level as we are.

Ok I'm so just kidding... I haven't dated in so freakin long I wouldn't know what to do. I can say that a lot of the guys I used to date were considerably older. I was 17 and dated a 35 yr old and when I was in my 20's I dated a guy my moms age. There have been others but the point is that it's just a number to me.

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Looks like your daddy was getting into places he shouldn't have.

I am dating a 29 year old lady... I am 44 and I have to say I have learned a few very interesting things.

1. She is awesome.
2. We both have to be very patient with each other.
3. We are happy to learn and have the capacity to do so.

Not to say she is smarter or I am not as smart but we add so much to each others lives.

On top of all that we are both open to so much.

I am 50 and am in good shape. I don't smoke or drink. I am always getting comments that I look 10 years younger. My wife who is the same age as I is unable to be intimate due to a physical disorder. I find myself attracted to younger women probably because I desire to have another child and more than likely because I enjoy intimacy with younger women (30-40)

I am 70 and stay in shape but I am not 30 or 40. My last wife was 17 years younger..I want yo date again and wonder how older women will be. I guess I will see what happens.

You are very wise

women are more mature and sexier in their 40's and older. Just keep dating those older dudes, you may find a rich one out there.

I agree with you! Older guys are just better. Much more attentive to women (for the most part, there are jerks who happen to be old and men, lol), patient, sweet, generous, kind. All the qualities I want in my boyfriend and/or husband.

I would love to have a much younger girlfriend. I'm 47 and women my age dont want to get out and do things I like to do. Like get on my motorcycle and take a trip to Canada, or the Sturgis bike rally. Life is short and I want to live a little! Women in their 50's are interested in me and I think it's time for a change. It's difficult to find one though. thats the problem.

Yeah not going too young but older is not a problem. I think if you mesh then why not. Everyone is legal age, no one gets hurt then who cares.

IIm 55 & until she moved to NY for her job was dating a girl 28 ( she 29 now) When she moved she begged Me to move with her. Her commehts to Me were men her age were into games....she loved the sex....and she felt like she could discuss anything w Me. Now dating a girl whos 45 & working on getting divorced after 12 years of married life with last 8 no sex for them.Funny thing is I dated older till I hit about 30 then went the other way. Women are women & all are wonderful reguardlessof the age! :)

I think you would know what to do on a date . If you don't I can refresh your memory


So you have not dated in what how many years you said forever , like you are 60 or 70 something.! Come on girl I am 40ty and some times I feel it but you are not dead and I bet you still now what fun is in more ways than one. Do I need to resurect you from the land of the dating dead and show those young ones what it is like to love and have a fun relationship at 40. Have I now got your attention if so hit me back with something intresting and we can talk E - Mail chat what ever koool......

DORK! You so missed the punch line there.. it's called "X Soccer"... give you one guess as to who gets to be the ball :o)

agree 100%

Smiles to you both... ain't nothin' but a number. Last time I checked love came from the heart not the year on my birth certificate.

JD is 11 years my senior....working for us....:)

Well being that MnM is my fathers age... LOL I was concerned as to how it would go over. Turns out my dad thinks he's as great as I do... In fact they've decided that a game of "X" soccer would be a fun way to stay fit. *devilish grin*