Loving Different Race

You know falling in love is really a magic itself why because you dont know when this struck you and who you will be attracted because our heart never stop admiring others heart when it beats for the woman or man you like it never stop and it blossom to wonderful relationship though sometime it ends it different way and the reality is really different from the novels,books,soap opera,tv,and movies we see it sometimes the opposite,but to love other man or woman in different race is sometimes magical in nature,why because it goes beyond boundary,though i never have serious relationship that last with this kind of relationship still i dont regrett experiencing those times,i only feel its natural to fall in love and thats nice to do.
tawam tawam
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what is important is you can express and share it to those who feel the same way,its not for publishing house to make all the punctuations,period,exclamation things that matters,what counts is how you write it and share it with the readers who will be your critics or just plain having fun to know how the person feels.Cheers....

Dating someone who has a different primary language can be rough as using different adjectives to describe what one is trying to say. Dealing with language barriers beyond culture barriers definitely stretches you as a person and makes you wiser all around.

yes somehow if you really cares language barries will not affect and then later both of you will learn and help each other to be with one another.

Im a latina (mexican), n ive had crushes on mexican boys but it didnt go well...
i know its not good to generalize em due to just a few experiences but ive noticed i mainly got that natural attraction with black guys (dominican, puerto rican, black american or darker skinned latinos). i dont know what it is.. it just be like that..

its ok to like them and as you are attracted to those people because it is what you want so i think its normal to feel that way.

Being hispanic ( Mexican,American ) - I've dated caucasion,black,Mexican,Cuban, Columbian, - there are some common traits among the races but some very different , I found that Black ,Cuban and Columbian men are very sensual , White males seem to be very quick for intecourse ,hardly any foreplay - I don't like to rush - but I am sure this isn't true of all , even among the races.

ahh yes sometimes people just enjoy it for themselves not to think what the woman wants and its nice to be involved in different races and know them too.thanks angi

Two people falling in love is wonderful, regardless of race, tawam. We don't choose who we love, it just happens. Thanks for sharing. :)

i like sharing those things though it never work out but im glad it happen.

opss sorry sometimes it mix up specially when your mind is occupied but i appreciate that....

Some punctuation would make this more readable, and easier to understand.