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Why Not?

Its not the race that makes a person, its the soul that makes them. A persons soul is the one I fall for, not anything else. Yes, we all have our opinions on who we are physically attracted to, and have a spark with. The main spark is who you are together, what makes you one with that person. I refuse to stay in my own race, I'm drawn to someone because of them, so as long as he is a true man, then nothing else matters. I have dated outside of my race since I was a teenager, and will continue to do so. I also do not care what society thinks, they may have their opinion, but this is my life. When these people learn to respect others, maybe our lives will be only focused on how one treats another, not who should be with who because of race. Love is love.
realityvsdream realityvsdream 36-40, F 3 Responses Jan 31, 2012

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You and I are so wise here in dating outside our race. I have been dating a certain black man for a few months and I now pregnant by a black man and my lover. I am 43 and so happy to have gone black at an early age.

I wish you the best of luck! Relationships are hard enough, and I still believe its how the person is inside- not the color! Congrats on your future little one :)

We all are born equally, without any thing on, so, differentiating by the name of race, it is shameful...I agree with handsome, ....

Thank you, I agree with him as well :) Your right, we come into the world the same way! ( sorry I didn't see this sooner)

I couldn't agree more! Thanks Handsome:)