Who is all the fuss about? Where in the world is my laptop? What's up everyone's ***?
I woke up this morning just to have someone yell at me for having a good time...if I had a bill for each time!
To make matters worse I have my teenage hormone enraged little brother screaming about me getting a "job"
my response? The economy bro! The economy! ( it's not at all the fact that I don't do good with protocol and loving every minute of me being a spoiled couch potato ). Oh no, not me!
Any who, happy Saturday everyone stay safe and word to your mother.

Current tunes- Rooftops & When I'm Gone by Wizzle (Wiz Khalifa),
Sabotage & Fight for your Right by the Beastie Boys
Heartache / another ex-bf of the day?- Darius Prude

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2 Responses Apr 14, 2012

i would love to know exactly what you like baby! what are your dirty little fantasies, your fetishes and kinks... i wanna make you come over and over.... thats what gets me off... hear the woman i'm eating or screwing moan and scream in an orgasmic rage! so i need to know how to get you there, how to tease you with what you want before giving it to you... i would love to *** deep inside you at the end baby...