Whatever Tickles Your Pickle

i have always been attracted to black and latino men.  not too many times have i been attracted to white men, but thats just my preference.  oh, and i'm white, by the way.  i have come across adversity of course.  whenever i hear people say racism is going away...no its not.  i dont think it ever will totally disappear.  nowadays they hide it because they know its taboo. 

i could not care less of what people think of my preference.  i am happy with my decisions.  men of every different nationality and race have problems.  i hate when people say black men are lazy.  i hate that stereotype.  i've come across all kinds of lazy people.  im not destroying my race because i date black men.  when i have kids they may be half black.  or half latino.  who ever i choose to be with.  maybe even white.  im not going to limit myself. 

no one in this world is pure white.  we all are mixed in some way.  im italian, irish, and native american.  im not totally white.  so how am i ruining the white race when it has been happening for centuries?  and you know whats funny?  my dad is the biggest racist i know.  ha. 

my advice:  do what you please.  i know some people are against it, but i do what makes me happy.  im not here to please someone else.  are they gonna pay my bills or make me happy?  no.  didnt think so.  so do whatever.  whatever tickles your pickle. 
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4 Responses Jun 25, 2007

I date outside of my race too. I have my own preference.

Yea I agree with everything u wrote Im also white but a mix of Hungarian and Canadian even Irish and native Canadian. I've had a latino bf one year and had some black friends as well.

I love what you say, but do you think perhaps you tend to date outside your race in reaction to your Dad?

Are you a psychoanalyst? :)

The world needs more people who look past the skin.