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I date outside my race because it would be almost impossible to date inside my race, such is the multiplicity of my pedigree...
I am Louisiana Creole, or at least that's what I choose to identify as.  Typically, LA Creoles are a mixture of Native American, African, and French.  (to my experience)
I am Irish, French, Spanish, African, and Native American.
So it would be HAAAARRRD to find someone with my particular persuasion, if you know what I mean...
I've dated white American guys, black American guys, a Russian guy, A Kenyan guy, Arabian guys, a French guy and a guy from Sudan.  I married one of the Arabians and later divorced him and married the Sudanese guy.
The Frenchman was the sexiest, BY FAR.
The Russian was the most well-balanced and the one who was easiest to communicate with, and with whom I got along the best, and the one I respected in the most ways.
The Kenyan was the most fun for going out.
The Arabians were the most religious and trustworthy.
The Sudanese was the only one who won my heart, though.  He's added such beauty to my life, that even though he's WACKY, I can't imagine life without him, really.  If we ever divorced for any reason, I know without a doubt that I'd keep him as a friend.  I guess the best way to say it is that I always want to know him.

Are there any other mixed-race people here?
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Who is not mixed race, I am white, but in my family history there are Irish, Scots, English, Austrian and heaven knows what else. How many generations do you have to go back to declare yourself "pure blood" of any race.<br />
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Enjoy your life and multi cultural experiences