My Whole Life

my whole life i have dated losers. until i found the guy im with now. he is a infantry man if you hadnt guessed, and is currently deployed in Afghanistan. he has been gone almost 15 months but will come home soon. for all those out there who think they will never find a guygirl that is actually desent dont get down there is somene out there somewhere that you will love and they will love you just the same. its not impossible it just takes time. dont give up.

missingmyinfantryman missingmyinfantryman
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3 Responses Feb 20, 2010

yes ANEWME it does get a little hard sometimes...but since we have skype and facebook and all that it makes it a little easier. <br />
everyone needs to realize that one day the right person will come along. just because you havent found the right one yet doesn't mean you won't. give it a little time and the right person will come along. it happened to me!

angel of <br />
Mercy always sits <br />
Next to you <br />
& <br />
Covers you with gentle <br />
Wings <br />
So that, <br />
You walk wrapped in <br />
God’s grace, <br />
Protected & peaceful forever

There are millions of wonderful people out there--it just takes time to find them and when you do--you treasure them-<br />
<br />
Best wishes to you---it's hard being with a military man---your love stays strong, devoted and proud.