Thoes Are My Underwear... No There Not. There Mine.

I kid you not. my girlfriend wore mens underwear. I was a soldier and I was seeing this girl from Canada. In the morning after a night of fun I was picking up my clothes scatterd around the room and then the most bizare thing happend.  I went to pick up my underwear and she tried to take them. I said what., you want a souvenier? She said no those are mine. I was like um... No. these are mens undewear, and there mine. Now keep in mind they were colorfull red and white striped bikini briefs, (Not to be mistaken for tighty-whiteys and ther was no access pocket)  but they had a one inch wide elastic waistband and clearly they were mens Jockey Brand underwear. I was a little shocked at the fact that we were arguing about it. Then believe it or not there was a second pare of underwear under the bed. The exact same pair of underwear! Then we were like well, which one's were mine? And they were both the same size. I asked her then and there... You wear mens underwear? She was like...Ya, there more comfortable then most of the womens underwear in my size. She had wide hips for a gal, And to be honest they didn't look to bad on her. I hadn't noteced the nite before because the lights were off when we went to the bedroom. She was a fun girlfriend. Very playfull. unfortunetly The relationship didn't last. I wanted to get serious and she didn't. I took it pretty hard, but I got over her. She was defenetly different. In a fun and playfull sexy kind of way. A good friend too. Kind of a shame things didn't work out. Life goes on.....

Any one else ever know of a girl or dated a girl who liked wearing mens underwear? I'm not trying to find somone into that.  I'm just curious i theres more to this whole thing. Untill it happened i never even though women would even be remotely interested in doing something like that. You hear all about dudes who like to ware womens underwear but you never hear about women who wear mens underwear.

I look forward to hearing any comments. And this realy did happen. Its not some B.S. story intended to stir up people or get attention.


ForgedSteel96 ForgedSteel96
31-35, M
Aug 4, 2010