Made a Mistake??

I fell in real love with an uncommon man, a very charming, not my type kinda of man. He was a married man. I fell in love and of course I was too deep in when I realized I couldnt walk away from it, even though I tried but maybe not hard enough. I undoubtedly believed we would become the exception couple..then again, that was just me. We had a lasting relationship of more than just a couple of years....I was selfish, he was selfish. There was guilt but it quickly faded away through the good times we rolled having a blast...but little did I know I was just one more of these women that need a knight with shinning armor to save them from their own demonds...but he had (still has) his owns. We were two lost souls in need of love. Reality is always stronger than your "buildings of dreams" it cuts through them. He realized he had a problem...before I can even talk about mine. I seeked a fatherly figured and he need it someone to love him. Quite a give and take. He decided to make things better and be a father and loving husband. I wish him the best and will love him for ever. I hope he overcomes his demonds as I am trying to now deal with mine. I need to figure out that not a man, nor material things can fill in the void of not having a father in your life..he made the bravest decision & I admire him for that. I will always love you. You know who you are.
Lika Lika
26-30, F
1 Response Apr 22, 2007

I think it sounds like you let go graciously there at the end of the relationship. I am sure it wasn't easy. I think no one should judge you because in the end you both did the right thing. It also takes a special person to wish him well with his family even though it is over between the two of you. I think that alone is very unselfish. I know people who would be angry because he didn't stay with them instead and not wish him well at all.