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Trying To Divorce A Socipath For Two Years / He Refuses To Let Me Go!

Meet him on after being widowed for a bit over a year. Married him 21 months later, filed for divorce after 9 months. He sucked me back in and I filed for good June 2010. Have been trying to get divorced form a 28 month marriage for 22 moths now. He understands that if he can not be served then he can not be charged with failure to appear or contempt of court. He is also a narcisist, and thinks the rules do not apply to him and that he will never loose. I was granted a life time order of protection. He stalked me for 20 months before he was charged. He got 18 months probation in the state of FL. The courts there suck!! The police there suck. There are to many drug problems in that state, so they do not have time for stalkers or divorce. His plan was to gain my trust then suck my dry. He even committed mortage forclosure with another woman using my name. Four years later the state of FL still has not been able to serve him. His probation is another huge joke! I have had him arrested four times and he has got himself arrested one time. Some how he still thinks he can get me back,and is still weraing his wedding ring! I know now that he targeted me and he just used me for sex and finincial gain. He has a drinking problem and when I left he went on a 9 month drinking bindge(spent $40,000.) and I had him sent to a menatl hospitol. This was an attempt to make me feel guilty and sorry. Did not work! He refuses to loose!! He don't want me he wants me to support him and most of all he wants to win. Any one been in a situation like this? How can I get divorced and how afraid of him should I be? The only thing that matters to him is money and sex. I have cost him about $125,000. and he lost his car while in jail, I have his house and collect the rent and I know this ****** him off. How afraid do you think I should be?
holahoopqueen holahoopqueen 51-55, F 9 Responses Mar 3, 2012

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When you find the answers, please share. I've been trying to divorce mine for 9 years....

Great hola -the biggest and hardest step is in forgiving.. it frees you to forgive yourself for being taken in by him and then other parts of your life can move on....YAY for YOU


I have learned and grown and become stronger from all this. I understand so much more now!! The biggest thing I have learned is to be alone and be OK alone. I know how and why he was able to fool me!! I have a great man in my life now.. I love him .. but I am not in love with him.. I am to broken to love freely and trust that deeply now. I am praying that in time I will be capable of love again!!

unreal don't marry again just date seriously they know who they can target and its us

well at least you are now assured that he will not physically harm you. He obviously has already taken an emotional toll but time will heal that....... good luck hola

omg thats so bad. big hug :)

Up date on my story.. He said he was going to drink till he died if I did not come back to him.. He died from drinking a few days ago.

Wow, intense. I hope you have some peace at this point.

Thanks for offering what is on your heart. We will lift it up together to the Holy Spirit. Frustration and anger are the ego's reactions to the 'god' it made, a 'god' that plays with humans and grants 'enlightenment' to a select few in history. If this were 'god' then 'god' would be cruel instead of loving and you and I would be human. Our reality is Spirit and lives forever and ever and ever! The real God Wills only Perfect Love & Happiness and has nothing to do with dreams of games and numbers and groups. God is abstract, and to know God in Spirit is to remember the abstract. But first forgiveness of illusions seeing the false as false is necessary. It takes "great willingness" to see that all events, encounters, and circumstances are helpful - to see that all things work together for good. There is no amount of evidence that will convince a mind of what it does not want. Yet, since there is only One Mind, the experience of Love must be extended to be Itself. Love Is. One can seem to be aware of Love or not aware of Love. The latter is the illusion and must be forgiven or released. I am joined with you in this and we cannot fail to recognize God's Plan for salvation, for only this is possible. This is the meaning of "With God all things are possible" and "If God is with us who can be against us." I have devoted everything to sharing and extending the experience of Enlightenment, and this is a natural ex<x>pression of the Love I feel within. What I am I proclaim for everyone, for we are the same – not different. We have the same Source. We are the same Spirit. We are the same Self. Enlightenment is a State of mind that looks upon the world from the inner experience of peace and sees no world apart from mind. I see our Innocence, and I rejoice that Love is real! We are the same One!<br />
The anger and frustration that seem to be surfacing in awareness for you need not be repressed. You must look upon the full extent of hatred before letting it go. In this sense anger cannot be denied but must instead be exposed before it can be released to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit cannot take away what is protected from awareness and must wait until the anger is willingly offered up. This is the meaning of the quote: "Would you rather be right or happy?" Identity confusion is the root of all anger, and no self image or concept will stand in the Light of Truth. I am joined with you in emptying the mind of all false idols, images, and concepts, for God Wills that Light and Love extend forever and ever in limitless and infinite Being. This is truly Natural. Holy are You, Eternal, Free, and Whole at peace forever in the Heart of God.

hmmm..tough question! Keep your head down......