I Absolutely Never Saw It Coming

Well I just had to leave and move abruptly due to what I feel now was a sociopath. I had suspicions something was not right when he even first contacted me on OKcupid. This was a little over a year ago. He told me everything I wanted to hear. He texted and kept in contact constantly. He would tell me when he was leaving for work and everything even though I never said he needed to and told him he didn't. Two different times I questioned him about things and he abruptly called it off and would come back a week or two later. We ended up moving in together this March in a house his sister bought. I started suspecting things when he hid his phone, got off web pages when I walked by, etc. I had an ex and her friend harassing him and me at the beginning but I believed every word he said of course. He had a way of explaining anything and everything and was nice as could be. A few months in I questioned him bout acting suspicious and I saw a side of him I had never seen before. He was very angry and rude. he then said he was just mad and things went on. He moved out in July wanting to still see me but needed time to think and live alone with his son in a trailer his sister put in for her son and he needed help. We talked almost daily and he would stop by and help me with things or just bring me a drink. He was always attentive and yes the sexual attraction was always strong. Well he erupted out of the blue on Labor day via text when I questioned him about his ex as I had heard she was at his son's football game after he had a fit about me taking my son to one in the future so I just had a feeling something was not right. He told me he had only been joking about me moving in and never wanted to and two weeks in he wanted to leavve and went on and on. Well he erupted at me again when I emailed a few days later telling him I needed closure as I still did not understand any of it. It was not like he asked me one day and I moved the next. We planned it all over a month. I helped clean the house with him as our deposit for it. Well I got most of the truth or who really even knows but he said just as above and that he had only needed a roommate. He never cared about me and that I was stupid to think that his son age 16 was friends with my son age almost 13 (they were his son came over to hang for hours one day after they moved out and this guy did not even know). He said anything he knew would hurt me. He had lied about the deposit it was only for him. he was renting the house not us. His sister did not even know why I was there helping and why I was moving my stuff in when they were still doing things on the house...he told me to. He had been talking to this ex inappropriately online, talked to another woman from where he used to be from a complete different state about what he wanted in a woman and how would he make it with her so far away and maybe he could talk his son into moving back there and then after he moved out I still had access to his email and he was on multiple sex sites and even trying to solicit women on craig's list. He was a liar, a cheater, and did whatever it took to get what he wanted. I never knew about a sociopath in this way until now. They have no regard for anyone else just themselves. He even told me that if I took my son to the football game he would getting a restraining order on me for stalking his minor son and take pictures and all which is insane because it is a public place. He just did not want me there because probably his ex was there. This was for my son. I could care less about him. I moved out quickly as his sister began to harass me of course taking his side and came over yelling and screaming at me. He was a darn good actor because he daily did all those little things I always wanted. He did catch me at a vulnerable time. When we met I had just lost my stepdad who raised me since age 6 and I am 38 now and then when he asked me to move in after we got back together my son had been having anger issues hitting me, kicking me, mentally abusing me, etc and moved with his dad and yes I was lonely and very vulnerable so I took a leap of faith and he fooled me for a long time and I feel awful but seeing that he has a problem does help a little bit. i just hate knowing that he will I am sure have other unsuspecting victims. For me my son was a victim to and that was the greatest wrong of all.
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