Friday night was a date that was based on a dare by Mike and some encouragement by a friend on here. The way my teen years were, I never really dated anyone. So with the help of a girlfriend, she arranged for me to go out with a guy that was a virgin from her school. I was strangely excited to do this, and see if I could seduce this boy. We came up with a story of why and how I was living here. Our plan was to meet at an outdoor concert venue and listen to a couple local bands.
Steph and I met the guys at the place, and just as we were about to get our tickets, it began to rain. Not a little, but a downpour. We all dashed for cover and stood there for over a half hour while the rain came down. That gave me time to get to know a bit about Jacob. He was tall and pretty cute, a tennis player and debater at his school. He hadn't dated a lot, but certainly seemed interested in me. They finally announced the concert was being cancelled, so we made a dash to the parking lot and climbed into my car. I suggested we could go back to my place (Mike had conveniently arranged to be gone all night), and watch a movie or just hang out. Everyone agreed.
Steph and her boyfriend got in his car and Jacob and I were alone in mine. We went home, while the others stopped to get pizzas for us. I was being rather forward with him, letting him know hopefully that I was interested. I showed him around our condo and led him to the living room. I knew we had 15 minutes or so before the others got here, so I hugged him and gave him a long kiss, and said I hope he wasn't disappointed that we had to come here. He was a bit reluctant at first, but then eagerly kissed me as well. We made out for a bit until Steph called so I could let them into the garage.
I got everyone sodas and we settled in to watch the movie. Steph and Bill were snuggled in an oversized chair, and Jacob and I were on the wrap around couch. I was in the corner with him right beside me. I pulled my leg that was away from him up to put my foot on the cushion, which allowed my short skirt to ride up a bit higher, so it barely covered my crotch. Jacob had his arm around me and I scooted in against him. We half watched the movie and made small talk. I let my hand fall down onto the inside of Jacob's thigh, and turned and smiled at him. He smiled back and pulled me a bit tighter against him.
Steph and Bill were getting rather amorous in their chair, so I knew they weren't paying any attention to us. I slid my hand up the inside of his leg to his crotch and gently rubbed. He stiffened, and I just cooed, relax babe. I could begin to feel him getting hard with my hand rubbing the outside of his shorts, so I started doing it a bit more just to get him sufficiently aroused. When Steph raised up and laughed because Bill had to go to the bathroom, I didn't pause. Bill left and Steph followed him When he came out, Steph announced they were going back to a bedroom. Jacob looked at me and said that was a little uncomfortable. I said but now we can be alone too.
With that, I half stood and moved so I was straddling his legs, with mine wide apart. I leaned in and began kissing him hard, while my hand began stroking his **** through his shorts. He looked at me and said are you sure? I gave him a wicked smile and said I always get what I want. He reached around and grabbed my *** with both hands and began squeezing and rubbing it. My skirt was short enough it didn't take much for it to be up to my waist and he was playing with my bare ***.
At that point I stood up and undid my top and tossed it on the couch, exposing my **** to him. I also stepped out of my skirt, so all I had on was a thong. I knelt down between his legs and deftly unfastened his shorts and he lifted his butt so I could pull them off. His **** bulged in his briefs, and I pulled them down and slowly moved down so I could suck his ****. He groaned loudly as I took all of his shaft in my mouth and began slowly sliding it in and out, and occasionally stopping to lick the sides or the head. I looked up at him and he was smiling, and I asked if he liked this. He said oh yeah. I kept at it until I could feel his **** begin to spasm, knowing he was about to ***. I took only the first inch or two in my mouth and stroked the rest with my hand. He literally exploded with ***, and I could barely keep it in my mouth. He groaned and just looked at me.
Once he began to go limp, I asked if he wanted to continue, and when he didn't really reply, I took his hand and headed toward one of the other bedrooms. I could hear Steph moaning in the second room, so we went to the third bedroom. I turned on a low light and led him to the bed. I laid down and pulled him onto me. We started kissing more, and he began fondling my breasts. He was a bit clumsy, but I only encouraged him to keep it up. He moved his hand down to my *****, which was already dripping, and slide 2 fingers in me. I moaned loudly and actually came the first time. He was hard again, so I told him I wanted his **** in me. He lifted up a little, I took it and guided it into me. He slowly began thrusting, not going very deep or fast. I told him to **** me harder and go deeper. He responded to my directions quickly, and he was then ******* me as hard as he probably could, and going as deep as he could in me. He was getting really excited and I could tell he was about to *** again, and I told him to fill my ***** with his hot ***. With a loud groan he pumped his load into me, and I came a second time. When he began to pull out, I said no, keep going.
He didn't hesitate, but kept right on ******* me hard. I grabbed his ***, and said lets roll over. So now he was on his back, and I was riding him. I was grinding and gyrating my pelvis on his, and reached down to rub my **** while I did. He was squeezing my **** and pulling my nipples. By playing with my ****, I came again. It took a bit longer, but he eventually reached the point I could tell he was ready to burst. Again it was a big load of ***, and I could feel it's hotness fill me. His **** went flaccid much quicker this time, and once it slipped out of my soaked *****, I rolled off him.
We kissed some more, and I asked if he minded that I took his virginity from him. He laughed and said he couldn't imagine it would be this fantastic. I told him again that I always get what I wanted, and I wanted him in me from when I first laid eyes on him earlier. I told him maybe we could get together again sometime, and he said he'd like that. We had ****** none stop for about 40 minutes, so I suggested we go back out and get something to drink, in case he was thirsty. We went out and both put our clothes back on. We had just sat down, and I sat with my legs across his lap, when Steph and Bill came out. They both looked like they had ****** each other crazy.
Since it was almost midnight, Bill said they probably should head out. Steph had planned to spend the night with me, so we went with the guys down the elevator to their car. I kissed Jacob long and deep, and again rubbed his crotch, and said I couldn't wait till next time. They got in and headed out of the garage, and Steph and I went back upstairs to enjoy the rest of the night together.

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Read a lot of stories without avail but that one got me quick

very very delicious

very hot story

Really hot story. Thank you for sharing. How old was he?

he seems cute how old is he?

Do you think it's wise to do something like that to a boy so young? What if he gets too attached? It might break his heart.