Half Your Age, But Twice As Good

Dave, Dave, Dave,

I love the way you look at me when I played stupid. I love the way you sigh and smile with your eyes closed in the morning when it is time to get up and I would rub your tummy. I love the way you pretended you thought we have a future. I love the way your lip crinkles when you fake a smile. I love that you are so curious about me but never wanted to say much about yourself. I love how you were the first man to ever make me feel like a dumb girl. I love that you gave me butterflies. I love how important I felt next to you. I loved the dozen sleepovers we had before I made the first move. I loved your disbelieving face when we discovered each others ages. I loved eating cookies with you in bed. I loved the way when we watched movies together you squeezed me when the movie got intense. I loved the way you sweetly caressed my body with your soft hands like you could not get enough of me. I loved the way your breath felt against my neck. I loved the way I taught you to dance and you kept trying to grab my butt. I love that you said you wanted to quite your job and move to Central America to play poker all day.  I wonder what life would be like if you were not twice my age?   

krista krista
22-25, F
2 Responses Oct 29, 2007

probably just like the life most folks have... which is not necessarily bad, but most of the magic ur enjoying so much now is only possible because he IS twice ur age...;)

Davids what is it about them. My special older friend is a David. My best friend is dating a David I dated a David and had crushes on two David's. They seem to be everywhere.

and debras... what is it about the debras...? seems like most of the women ive met or heard about in recent years are all debras, like ur davids they're everywhere, and i swear some of them have old souls... my first debra was 25 years younger, we met online on an adult website, and there was incredible magic and heat when we hooked up a few weeks later...
she was also somehow totally comfortable and functional in any social situation, from drinks with old friends and clients to pizza with my kids and their friends... she lived 2000 miles away, but we met somewhere for a week or so each month for over 2 years... and yeah ok, it wasnt forever and happily ever-after, but it was longer than either of us expected... we had a lot of fun and ultimately learned a lot from each other, we're still friends, and im real glad i went with the moment....