I dated 5 girls in my life although I think I was always sexually attracted to guys I tried everything to get sexually attracted to girls but it wasn't happening then a guy sent me a pic of him self then I exploded with happiness sort of speak so now I'm dating the guy I love
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I dated 2 girls in my high school days. I was doing stuff with guys before this, but these girls just came to me and I was in denial and tried to be straight for a long time. I was never happy until I was with a guy. I tried to be straight, and it nearly killed me. I am gay and that is just the way it is, and I am happy with who I am. :-)

Nearly killed you? Expand a lil bit on that, if u don't mind! I also wonder, how is your relationship with your mother!

I think I can explain its a expression like my feet are killing me he was used to dating girls but he was sexually attracted to guys

Oh, he now decided to do the homosexual act! I wonder what is the underlying problem!

I am the same way I've dated five girls but I didn't feel connected UK wat I mean I didn't feel sexually comfortable

So did you seek help with that or your knee jerk reaction was to decide to go for guys?

Well I only did wat made me happy

Let me explain. I nearly killed myself. I have cut and got 30 staples and I have put a loaded and cocked gun to my head. I was with guys way before girls, and not molested or anything. I tried to be straight because of my family and I was scared. I only dated 2 girls, and that was a long time ago. As for my mother, my parents were taken from me when I was 10. Either way, I wasn't talking to you and I didn't ask for your lip. I love my boyfriend and as soon as we can get married we are going to, and that is that.

I am sorry that your parents were taken away from you! And I guess you struggling to imagine a feminine love, a mothers love. But it's never was a solution that you decide to go for males. Think about if you can continue with this, u and that male you call your boyfriend.... The same effect will go on to any kid you can adobt should you decide that. But I must tell you, as you know .... There are so many motherless and fatherless gentlemen out there, but a decision to go for other males is not a solution to that! Keep well brother!

Did I say anything about anybody dating guys I don't judge

I wasn't talking to you Tony. I was talking to the guy who decided to speak up on our conversation.

O ok yeah but out who ever u r

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Do you think that's acceptable?

Well I'm considerably happy I wasn't happy dating my last gf she tried stuff on the bus 🚌 I clean tht bus 🚌 so u got to understand tht was the straw tht broke the camels back

What is happiness to you? :-/

Happiness to me is wen I don't wake up thinking about suiside and thinking about my dad stealing my disability check to get pills for his ex or my aunt or wen he never supports me ever so I went against my dads gayphobia and I'm now dating a cute guy

I assume you think dad is unreasonable! Do you ever, just for one day, put your self in his shoes?

Nah he's a inconsiderable jerk I bought him a phone I gave him my money 💵 to fix his truck instead he buys pills from some stranger so the rest of that property can snort them its my money they tried snorting my pills I know better than to do tht I was prescribed my pills so as soon as he straightens up ill tell him wat I think and somebody works 2 jobs UK who tht might be me I work 2 jobs he doesn't work ik he tries but with everybody wanting him to buy pills for them to snort its hard

I am sorry about you dad! It seems like he isn't father like to you, as you would expect him to be!

Nope and the sad part is me and him used to be close then he got so teenage like he's acting like the way I should act like I'm 18 he's 46 he should be worried about working so he can get the onley vehicle he has fixed and registered

I see, did you like the girls you dated?

Nope I did with one but I figured out a pattern with her and she dumped me

Sorry about that too! So out of all yo experience, now you are with a male person.... Am sure you hoping the same won't happen....

It wont

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