Friendly At The Gym

I was at Gold's Gym working out the other day. I noticed a woman who was obviously a competitive body-builder training another woman. I was working arms and chest that day and we kept running into each other. I didn't want them to think I was hitting on them so didn't speak with them.

At the end of my workout I did tell the woman bodybuilder that she was very inspiring. She thanked me for the comment.

When I went to the parking lot she walked out with me and told me they were noticing me too and loved my biceps. She briefly touched my right bicep and I touched hers and said she was very impressive.

I got in my car and drove off. Had I not been friendly with her we would not have complimented each other and each felt proud of the results of our bodybuilding.
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People often think female bodybuilders are these stuck up *******. No, they just tire of weirdos hitting and stalking on them. The way you approached her was appropriate. We, especially my wife, like being recognized and complimented on the hard work. What she doesn't like are the schmoes "stalking" her like a creep on the street or in the gym. They scare her. She says if they would just come up and talk she would be far more willing to converse and not be grossed out by their weirdness.

I do have pics of her. Hprotein is the only friend I have on EP. I just dont like throwing her pics around. Both our wives have high position profile jobs that would be compromised if the "sexy" pics got circulated. No offense, its just a matter of those issues for he and I. But, he and I have amazing wives that are buff and beautiful. We are the real deal. I have seen his true original pics of his wife, as he has seen mine.