I Dont Know If Its a Good Idea

You ever hear of the saying. An internet addict? Well i met one and he couldn't stay faithful cause he had way to many contacts and contantly chatted even tho i was with him. I don't like sharing, thats just me. I noticed people that are in a chat room have an addiction. It is true, and when you meet your online date then your risking dating a cheater!  Thats just what i think of it from experiences with him. Other then that I never did sign into any personal ads like he did.. many sites. I may sit here in front of a computer yes but no i am in this site to vent. OR get understanding from others that went through experiences like we all did in life. But i dont think its a good idea for me to date online again.

JayzAngel JayzAngel
36-40, T
Nov 3, 2006