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There has to be a lot more people out there who has tried the prospects of dating online.  Someone should add a poll feature for "good idea" or "bad idea" to this group. 

Honestly, it seems that the Internet connects us in so many ways, and with the most recent onslaught of online medium available (i.e. eharmony, match, and what have you that cater to your parents' cultural preferences... Jew don't let Jews date other religious sects... and on and on), it seems like the option on online dating allows us to find that special someone, no matter how peculiar our preferences may be.

I have tried Match.com and met a number of interesting candidates.  I think I am cute amid on the shy side when it comes to meeting new people, so putting a picture online has invited me many open doors that I would never otherwise have opened.  So where has it left me?

To date since about a year ago now, I have gone on a number of first dates, several second and third dates, and honestly have only found a couple people whom I clicked on a personal level.  I know there are a lot of choices, but I haven't quite found the one.  I hate to think that my only option is to go out with a coworker.  I am seeing for myself how the current situation is working out because I am talking to someone who is caring, ambitious, and makes me laugh.

To sum, I believe in online dating because it is good to learn a little more about that person and how they portray themselves on ink.  I seriously would not think twice about a guy who cannot put a verb in "you cute".  Anyway, I guess I am picky. 

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1 Response Nov 3, 2006

It's okay to be picky, Nicole. Before I met the perfect woman for me (online, no less!), I dated online extensively...my therapist at the time called me a "fearless dater". And it's true, because I learned a couple of very important lessons about online dating: One, never take rejection personally, and two, never have any expectations before you actually meet someone. In the course of a year and a half, I met close to 50 different women from a variety of online dating sites...and those are just the ones I actually met in person. Sometimes there was a second date, or a third...sometimes there wasn't. And that's OK in my book - I know I intended no offense when I wasn't interested in a second date, so I never took any when she wasn't interested in seeing me again. So, keep trying - and keep being picky!