Its a Risk Taker Who Claims to Say Who They Really Are!

Yes Its a risk people take when they find an online date. Heres my story how it all turned out. He was a caring person that understood me Because We had so much in common. He was my age. I can be me around him and I accepted him in my heart so deep. We connected in many ways. We can talk and not judge one another. Listened to each others endless stories for hours. He was my world and i finally found my true love who was practically my  twin. i was in heaven. We moved in together with my son and his sons....sibling rivary. Our kids hated each other. It was fustrating in that area. Finally i gave up and let my son move away with his other brother in the country. My dream man found a job as manager and i also worked. His ex wife hounded him often to smarten up and go back to her.  I felt fustrated with this whole situation and about to give up the drama queen that constantly called our house. Soon he would be telling me he had to go to her house to fix things because his other kids were still there and he still had responsibilty because his kids lived with his ex wife.  Some times he would tell me that he was going to visit his kids at her place for the weekend and she was going away. I trusted him because i loved him and hes the man i met and trusted. A few months passed and soon he started saying that he was going out with friend and i can do the same... so i agreed. I found numbers in his pocket the next day... I asked and he said his brother wore his coat that past night. So i let it pass. Summer came and next thing you know we're moving into his house he had with his ex cause she couldn't handle the kids or bills anymore and moved with her man to a different city.  The house needed major repair and the bills were far behind. Me and my dream man soon caught up with it all. He paid the bills and I repaired most of the house. Now it looks dandy! That summer I happen to check my stuff on the computer.....what do i find? He was seeing his co worker. and she went on to think that i was just his room mate that he must have told her. Times she would drive by our house and stalk to see if he was outside. She didn't like me she told him etc. I read all the harsh things i was suppose to have been! Not only that even his ex wife was worser then i was! omg i thought so i was crushed. I went on to read more email from other women that he met online! and  more personal adds that he signed up in. He claimed he was single and i was his roomate. I cried and my world ended right there. I didn't give up. I hated him so much yet at the same time i loved him so bad. He said he was sorry and wanted to prove to me he was faithful and true to me. He had issues in his past but more mature now to move on with me... I was still love blind and gave it another shot but had my guards up now! He had to find a different job and so he did. Time passed...  Just what i thought... yes he was still keeping in touch with his ex co worker and i was still his roomate from what she wrote to him! I decided to call her up and have it out with her stalking etc. I told her is right. I even sent her all the letters he gave me when i left him. And she told me she gave up because she thought he loved me and he only played her! whatever! I told him to get lost and then he called her up himself and told me that he would prove it to me that she was the one hounding him to leave me etc. He told her off in front of me by phone. I was not satisfied i told him he was immature and to just let me go and move on with his own life. Constantly called me.. letters etc crying he couldn't live with out me! I thought he had a problem.  I left many times ... i still had my guards up high. What ruined me was how much you love someone so bad ..... they can go to work and still cheat on you from there and the internet affairs. HE MUST BE SICK. because just this past summer when i left to visit my parents in the country what do i find when i come home? I go to his work and he's chatting of course. He is my so called husband and i know i have to leave him love is totally gone now. hes an internet addict. that tells the personal ads that he is a single parent........... so its a risk you take when you sign in the personal adds to meet someone..... they claim who they are not in real life like my husband was doing......who knows probably still doing it now as i write this.


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I'm sorry your experience was so terrible. I wish I could tell you that dating outside of the internet is better...but it's not. People who lie to you online, will lie to your face just as easily, as you've already learned. Yes, online dating makes it easier to lie...but eventually, the truth comes out. This was your husband - you're supposed to be able to trust him! But, I really think that even if he hadn't had internet access (or it hadn't existed), he still would have cheated on you...he would have just found another way. Again, I'm sorry for what happened to sounds as though you deserved a lot better than what you got.

I agree. It's tough. And the one time I thought i found love...she turned out to be a Borderline Personality...ran me broke. But this is a good idea for an Experience. How to say who you really are. I'm a risk taker. A born explorer. A lover of music and science and travel. But how to say to someone in an ad "honestly, I want someone to travel with and have crazy sex"? I'm not a bad or dangerous person. But my idea of a "date" would be to hop a jet to Montral or Vancouver Island and loaf in cafes in between going wild in a hotel room. Is that too wild to put in an ad?<br />
It's tough coming to grips with who you really are and selling that in a personal ad.

Ty for sharing this harsh reminder of the internet dangers! My heart goes out to you for this encounter.