Online Guys

Everything started when I joined a site for dating online....this was actually the last march of this year and I ended it a month ago.
Chatting w/older guys online was fun, but then I started meetin them up someWhere near me. The first one I dated was 29-years-old and he gave me my first kiss. The 2nd one was 21 and we make out, and then I stop lookin out for him cuz he had a child. The 3rd was 18, he got nothin from me, and he still lookin for me everywhere. The 4th ...well, we meet twice and make out both times, he was 18. The 5th I only dated him cuz he was so obsesses w/me he was 25. the 6th was 20 and he was annoying. And the last one is 23 he's got a son, we have dated twice and already kissed....
but truly, I got tired of that, and erased my account, and stop meeting guys, I guess I just did it cuz I didn't have any attention, and thts so stupid and immature, I'm too young, and made up my mind. I think I just gOtta take it slow....
Lizzpunk25 Lizzpunk25
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012