I Never Dated Anyone I Did'nt Know From the Internet

 When I was 17 and also 18 years old, I felt very lonely. I've never had a boyfriend, not even a date. I was just too shy to get to know a boy in this way.


So I started online dating. In the web there were a lot of lonely boys it was not difficult to get them to ask me if we want meet.

The first one I met was not really my type but I was lonely and thought I was in love. We met a second time but soon later he found a girl friend, I was very sad. Felt a brocken heart, after meating him only twice.


The second one I met was really good looking and abolutely my type. We met twice, I felt in love again. But he was not interested in me. But he didn't admit. I started stalking him, phoned every evening because he didn't answer the phone very often. Today I feel not very good about this. But he was also a bit stupid. When he answered the phone once month he said sorry for never beeing at home. I wrote him several e-mails, "please tell me if I should stop phoning you, I will do this immediatly". But he never answered. Probably he just didn't read my messages. Like this it went about 6 months until i got a e-mail from a girl. She said that she was his girlfriend and begged me to stop calling him. I wrote her back with the message "if you really are his girlfriend just tell him, he should write me an e-mail that he wants me to stop and I will do this." I never got an answer so I didn't stop. 2 months later he answered the phone again, I asked if he has a girlfriend. He said yes. So this was the last time we talked.

The third one I met, was while was still phoning the second one. He was from a strange church and the whole evening I had the feeling he wanted to convince me, also joining this church. This was really strange, so we didn't meet again.

The fourth one was really boring, we couldn't found any single topic to talk about. I tried to entertain him the whole evening with different storries, which other had found funny before.  But he was so uninterested in anything. Never had such a boring date, before and after. He wanted to meet me again, first I just did not understand why. But soon it got obvious that he was just interested in sex. Anyway we did not meet again.

The fifth one I met only a few weeks later. We only met because we wanted to see the movie "final fantasy" because we were both interested in modern computer anymations. We both were not really interested in the other one, so we didn't meet again.

The sixth one I met (only two weeks later), is now my boyfriend for nearly seven years. I was logged in this chatroom on a boring thursday evening. I didn't know why I was there, this was really the most boring chatroom I knew. When my boyfriend and I started to write it was not really interesting. We both just were bored and lonely and complained about it. Beeing honest it was my purpose to complain about beeing lonely so long until he asks me to meet him. And it worked out. Friday we met, it was a really nice evening, we just couldn't stop talking both. At this time I felt so frustrated about all these other dates (6 blind dates in one and a half year), that I didn't even want to find love anymore. I liked him really but just blocked my feelings. So we were just friends for about 4 months, and now he is my boyfriend for nearly seven years :). We live together in the same appartment for nearly 5 years. Last month on the 08/08/08 I joked about marrying on the 11/11/11. He said why not 09/09/09? But it's just a joke, it's funny to have a boyfriend with whom you can joking about marriage :)

I met a seventh one during time I was just friends we my boyfriend. He lied about his age, he said he was 19. But was 25 in reality when I saw him I thought he was 30. I told him and he admitted to be 25, I convinced him to go home again.

It's somehow sad what the modern world made of me, but now i'm happy. I just don't want to know what I would do if my boyfriend would ever leave me. Probably I would start the same again....



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1 Response Sep 5, 2008

Wow (0_o) I never would have guessed that someone out there knows how it feels. Weren't you a bit scared when you tried online dating? What website did ya go to? After reading your story I don't feel so alone. Good Luck with your boyfriend. (^_^)