How can you tell when an online foreign guy likes you?

I didn't really met this guy on a dating site. I met him in an online game chat. In this game, you have to be in a clan. Since our clan have been going strong already for a long time, we decided to make a facebook group to know each other better. And in fb groups, you get to see all the members of the group,right? well I was only one of the few who he added on his personal account. We've been a bit close already even before we had that group, we always talk on the clan chat, but since it's a clan chat, our conversation always is open to the whole clan. And also, he's the one who proposed the idea to have a fb group.

After he added me on facebook, he immediately sent me a personal message. and then after that, our chatting became a regular routine. We chatted everyday,day and night. We've been chatting already for 4 months already.

He was always the first one to start the conversation. Whenever he sees me online, he will chat with me right away. Sometimes he even chats me just after he wakes up, telling me things like 'good morning, I just woke up' .Something I noticed is that we don't talk on the game clan chat anymore, whenever we do, we always end up on the private chat on facebook. We talk in the game chat for awhile, and then suddenly he'll pm me on facebook.

What do we talk about? most of the time, it was just about random things, and sometimes we get personal. He always opens up on me. Telling me his personal problems, asking for advice. Once, he deactivated his fb account and made a temporary one. He added me on that account. He chatted me right away after I accepted his friend request. It's in there where he first became open to me. I just jokingly asked him why he deactivated his fb, and then he starts pouring in his problem and asking me what to do. And then I talked to him and helped him, and after that he activated his personal fb again. After that he became more open to me. He tells me personal stuff even if I don't ask him to. He also told me his likes and dislikes. He always told me 'hey listen to this, it's my favorite song' and stuff like that. He'll ask me about my personal life too, like what's my family is like.

We did end up talking about a bit of sexual stuff sometimes, but when he already feels that I'm starting to feel uncomfortable about it, he will stop right away.

He also uses a lot of emoticons when he talks to me(he's the only guy I know who loves emoticons so much), or is that normal? I mean, when we're just new to each other, he don't use them, but now, he ALWAYS uses them. Someone told me a guy only uses those kind of stuff when he's interested in you, is that true? Most of the time he'll use heart and kissing symbols.

And then started he asking me if I have other social apps like wechat/line/whatsapp. If we don't talk on fb, we chat on those three. Sometimes, he'll send me funny videos that he liked, inspirational pictures, or sometimes he'll send me a picture taken from his place to let me know he's going for a walk. He also once played to me(through a voice message) a song that he personally composed. He even once sang a song to me too.

Even if I am not online on fb, he will message me on whatsapp/wechat,like he's looking for me. Now he wants a closer way of communicating. He wants us to use skype or video call on fb. He did tried calling me before through fb call once, but I rejected lol. He tried calling me again like 2 or 3 times until I told him to stop. He also always asks for my picture, saying "I want to see you" or he'll ask me to send him an audio message and tells me he wants to hear my voice.

He also gave me a nickname. He started calling me 'Appy' .He won't call me with my real name anymore, he always uses that.

He also often say things like "after I graduate, I will have a vacation on your country" or "hey come to my country, I'll be your host" and stuff like that, or sometimes he'll say "too bad we're from different countries" or "If you were from here, I will so date you". I don't know if he's just messing with me or what.

And now he started saying stuff like "I love you" or "mwaaaaah". Sometimes he'll joke about wanting to marry me and having a family and stuff like that lol. I didn't ask him what he meant by that, I just assumed he's just messing with me. I never asked him why is he like that with me, you know, so open and comfortable. He just once told me that "I feel so open when I'm talking to you". Well he always told me i'm a good and reliable friend tho and he claims I'm his BFF(he even wanted a BFF anniversary) before he started saying I Love Yous to me.

I know he talks a lot with other girls too, and he always hits on other girls(on game chat, i'm not sure f he is like that too on fb or on social apps), that's why I always assume he's just messing with me. But the thing is, whenever he has a problem, I am the one he runs off to (by what he said: "I don't know anyone else who can give me a positive advice except you").

So what do you think? Does he like me or i'm just a friend he trust or he's just a horny/flirt foreigner?

I don't really have any clue because I never dated before (yep it's true) and I'm a No boyfriend since birth. I did fall in love of course, but only from a distance. I don't wanna ask him because I don't want to look like I was assuming to much. And we don't really date, just chatting. And i'm not hoping lol, I'm just curious.

Tell me what you think, and every response is greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :D
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Aug 22, 2014