"i Dated Someone Who Turned Out To Be Crazy"

OMG how true it was the worst experience in my life, at first he was so charming and thoughtful,  he would send me cards at work, spontaneously take me away for great weekends, make love for EVER!! He was great with his kids and mine and ever so FINE.
THEN all of a sudden he clicked and didnt want to see me anymore and couldnt or wouldnt tell me why .......... we were on a trip, when I got home I was hurt and confused but I never let anything get me down so I moved on.  He shows up later at my house unannounced demanding to be seen telling me he loved me, I was on the phone with a guy and he loses it.  That was a beginning of a lot of crazinness, way to much to write about but .......................  after a time he moved out of state and called me to ask if I would meet  him half way and get married.  I hung up, For months I was afraid this nut would just show up again. 
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wow, I feel like I have so much in common with a lot of people.

What a psycho!

Yes Psycho NUT is more like it

Iam sure this happens quite a lot,in a way you were lucky that you got out and away from him at the right time.

I know right. I prayed a lot