Happens In 3s

Yeah, it sorta sucks, but I have in fact dated 3 different girls that have had mental problems. Two of them tried to commit suicide on me (one through jumping down a flight of stairs, the other trying to drown herself in a frozen pond.) and the third ended up in a psyche ward. Not the best luck you can see, is it me?
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Hi. I know EP is based on culture and respect, and this honestly is where I am coming from. Are you Contributing to these girls having mental issues? I find it's concerning that two of three of girls you have dated try to commit suicide... maybe something you're saying or doing that's making them jealous or just go all weird?

I've had two long term relationships. One ended up delusional and paranoid to a medically relevant degree, and the other had some sort of psychosis that looked very much like narcissistic personality disorder. I need help.

wow dude..
It is not predictable, so it is not you.. but try to learn, since youre age I've been mistaken 2 times, now I'm looking for normality...chill.

Drown herself in a FROZEN pond?? Geez that was a smart move, I wonder why she didn't succeed...

There was a hole in the pond, you could just jump in and swim under, which she did.