Story Of My Life

Just about every guy I've dated is crazy. From schizophrenia to compulsive liars, to just down right sociopaths.
I'm majoring in psychology.
It doesn't help I want to help everyone.
I don't mean to meet these crazy guys they just find me!
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4 Responses Oct 21, 2013

I knew a guy who was nick named "psycho mike" never dated him, didn't want to. Showed up at my house at 1 am, long story short, his gf showed up, my twins woke up, cops were called and he got tazzered with his gf screaming please don't hurt him I LOVE him!! He didn't mean it!! Crazy lol... Keeps you on your toes


It was an eventful night.. Lol

I too attract the crazies !

I know how you feel, I always attract the crazy. The thing is thay its gunna suck now, but in a few years they make great stories to tell. I'm also told that you have to go through a few crazies to find a normal right one. Hang in there, he shall find you soon.

I bet you over analyzed some of them. Also, I bet you're superficial and go for good looking guys, or bad boys, the ones that only YOU can change hahahahahaha ahhh. Why not find a nice nerd from uni?

Actually no, a persons confidence can change everything. Looks don't always matter. But most the time they turn out to be egotistical ********, which I'm sure I'm talking to right now.

confused is seriously confused!!