Self Victimizing Nymphomaniac Who Later Became a Man.

It's ok to be a nymphomaniac. It's ok to be transgendered (in my humble opinion). To some degree I suppose it's ok to be self-victimizing (although it's kind of annoying and probably isn't helping any). But, if you roll all of those into one and start dating the strange creature you get from that love triangle of oddities you feel like you've entered the halls of Dali.
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5 Responses Jul 16, 2007

sounds more like Dante's inferno...

Why haven't you called Jerry Springer or Maury Povich yet? LOL

Lol.. Ok Dali might be an everlasting mob stopper, however CAN he stoo a projectile with his jedi mjnd control? Wille Wonka couldn't!

That's something for The Jerry Springer Show!

That's.... almost beyond surreal!