He Was a Freaking Player

My friend Kathy and I met this two guys, the one guy was Jeremias, he was Kathys ex boyfriend. After we hung around at the city, Jeremias and I exchanged numbers. He moved 300 km away the next day. He phoned me and told me how much he likes me and he asked me if I want to be his girlfriend and I said yes. (I know it's kind of childish but we were 15) we wrote letters and I sended him some pictures of me.

I knew that Kathy still had feelings for him and because he was her Ex. I kind of thought maybe he is just using me to get her back. Kathy and I lived in the same house and we used the same house phone. I lived in the small apartment downstairs and she lived with her family upstairs. One time I heard her talking on the phone with somebody and I hid at the end of the stairs to listen to her conversation. She was talking to Jeremias. She told im how much she still liked him and stuff like that. A few days later I receicved his letter but there was another letter for Kathy as well. I thougth about opening it but then I decided not to. He wrote me that he loves me and that he wants to sleep with me as soon as he gets back.

The next day the whole school was talking about me and Jeremias because Kathy showed everyone the letter that Jeremias sent to her. aperently he told her that he loves her and not me or something like that. She wouldn't show me that letter so one night when she slept over at another friends house I went upstairs into her room with a flashlight and looked for that letter. All of the sudden her mom walks in maybe because she saw a light, I hid behind the closet. She didn't see me and left. I kept looking but Kathy's room was such a mess I couldn't find anything in there so I gave up and returned to my apartment downstairs.

Days later Kathy and I started talking again and she showed me that letter, I couldn't believe what I was reading. Jeremias said that he only wanted to have sex with me and leave me for kathy. After that I wrote him a letter back, I was telling him what a piece of s**t he was and stuff like that. I haven't seen or talked to him since then. Kathy reminded my friend, well we were never best friends, but we lived in one house so we were hanging around.

GrueneRose GrueneRose
Jul 16, 2007