Dark Wingless Angel.

I had been dating a man, let's call him Bill, for about four months. I was young and stupid, and completely head over heels in love, and so when I started noticing odd things about my boyfriend, I brushed it off as it just being another amazing part of an amazing guy who had no faults what so ever! Don't get me wrong, Bill was not a bad guy, he was just...different shall we say.
    I knew I might be getting into something that I wouldn't enjoy when he asked me to do something called LARP with him. For those of you who don't know, including myself at one point, LARP stands for Live Action Role Play. It's basically where people go out into the woods and pretend to be warriors and wizards, and things like that. Interesting idea, but I found it to be INCREDIBLY boring. I ended up sitting by a tree counting pebbles.
    Afterwords, my boyfriend and I were at home and he was gushing about how wonderful LARP was and how it made him feel like himself again. Confused as to what the hell he was talking about, I asked him what he meant by "himself." He sighed and said, "there's something important I need to tell you, okay?" Me, being young and stupid, immediately assumed he was breaking up with me and started quietly panicking. He looks me straight in the eye and spouts, "I'm an angel."
"I'm an angel, a dark angel to be exact, I was cast out of Heaven hundreds of years ago and my wings were cut off."
"I know this is hard for you to understand, and I promise I won't use my powers on you, you can trust me."
 Needless to say, I was a little stunned by this revelation (no pun intended). I questioned him, thinking maybe it was some sort of LARP thing or that he was joking, but he was dead serious. He truly believed that he was a cast out wingless dark angel. Because I was so young and stupid, I stayed with him for another year, basically pretending that he didn't believe that, until I finally got fed up with him not having any drive to make something of his life. Believing your angel? I can deal with that. Content to live with your parents and work on McDonalds you're entire life? No thanks!

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Agh WTH ... he probably has the mentallity of a pregnant mosquito? LOL

lol, people cloak & justify their failures in such delusional ways....

Succsessful corporate guys, lawyers, sportsmen etc also eat McDonalds, now and then, but they surely don't serve them? Well done, being naive is definitely not a weakness. Glad you got out of there in time. Good luck with your life further on, and in future, set the goals, don't follow them.

Some guys act impossible to deal with instead of a mature break up. But in his case it sounds like he really liked to play pretend.

This was hilarious! Sorry you were stuck counting pebbles.<br />
Did you just look at him one day and say "WTF?" <br />
Thanks for the laugh :-)

Bill the angel of burgers ... chuckle. ;)

Wow you are so funny! This just made my morning, thank you!

While I am no Angel, I like pebbles. Tbe whole D&D role playing thing.. Give me a break! Sorry peeps who do enjoybthis game of I couldnt afford a Trehbie outfit to conventionalky scare the public with fannatical behaviours and OMG get a life people I am still building bongs in my mothers ba<x>sement. Anyways.. would you hapoen to have any of those pebbles. I am a rock hound who likes to play with fire in your garage making spit bubbles captured in a momentof time melting aways while I take apart every working g perfectly good doodad whohah, while exclaiming tbis is the OnE tbat will sure take me higher then ever before while ckutching your Faberge' Egg.. Oh yeah tbats a future doodint that will take me to the moon!!!!!!" Angelically praising my Devilish accomplishment of what now is explained as good intent.

I agree with PureEvil, God doesn't have "ROLE Pla<x>yerS FOR ANGELS", He is more concerned with the Real deal...<br />
<br />
This is a good reason why you should never date a new ager, their EGOS are TOO HUGE FOR THEIR MINDS, their EGOS block their logical reasoning... with the result that they can't see themselves clearly any more.<br />
<br />
It is because they are so pathetic inside and have no brains, that they have to overcompensate by prancing around with a HUGE EGO, to make up for what they really lack... it is ironic that so many think that the EGO will do just that, but it only makes them look more stupid, yet there are people who actually fall for this sh!t, people equally banged up in the head as this person.. people who just don't want to accept that THEY ARE NOT ANGELS.

This would make a great fictional story but, not the mcD's part. No wonder he was cast out of heaven! God doesn't like slacker's that are into LARP.

lol I laughed so hard my stomach hurt! An angel?

HILARIOUS I must say. Crazy people around the world. <br />
Now I do believe it is true!

I wonder what the angel called himself? So the crazy part wasn't that he thought he was a dark angel but rather that he wanted to live with his parents on a McDonald's salary. Funny!

LOL God bless 'em. Thanks for the laugh.

That's some funny ****! I've actually heard of that, LARP, but never that. I'd call him delusional. Sorry you had to put up with that. Keep going, not everybody is a nerd.

I kinda admire you. I mean if a guy I had dated told me he was a dark angel I probably would have sat there for a minutes before a busted out laughing. You have much better self control then I do. Happy I read this story. First smile all day.

Wow that is crazy!!! I think you got the better end of the deal :) You got a story... and he is probably just confused.. lol!

This story is hilarious!

Tonya: There's some good stuff on EP, but this was one of my absolute favorites! I think the best part was - you didn't mind him being a dark angel - but living at home and working at McD - that's where you drew the line. Priceless. I myself have dated many women who turned out to be crazy. Of course - they were all sane when I started with them - I drove them crazy.

How very pragmatic of you! I guess there are worse things than someone who thinks they're a wingless dark angel. Like someone who wants to live with their parents for the rest of their lives :P

Well we all go through life meeting some weared people . I am pleased to see you finialy let him go off and play with the pisseys after all even angles have fun in the world of their own (married)

I laughted so hard I was crying, oh Lord, I can't believed you stayed with him a year after finding out he was an angel.... Too funny