I think the universe thinks I like crazies . I ended my shortest relationship within Two Weeks, or maybe longer because he wouldn't let me leave. He showed up in my town searching for me THREE TIMES.
I ran out of real reasons to leave like I'm not good enough for you. I feel like I'm using you. I am not attracted to you so I made up a few lies . I told him I cheated on him. I was moving. I finally realized I'm gay.
After constant arguing he finally accepted it was over and hung himself from a tree but he survived . After that I made sure he was okay. Sad to say he made me so upset I really didn't care if he was okay.
Then he started flirting with my friend and calling me all kinds of names. Now He texts every few months trying to be "friends then he says something like I love you or I miss you and I have to end the conversation. It's just annoying at this point.
He has a girlfriend too. She's pretty.
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Is she crazy as well o.O?

I think she's autistic