Never Forget That Day

i was 17 and was dating a guy for 8 months. personally i thought everything was fine because nothing weird or bad ever happen. one day i came over and studied science with him but finished my paper before. i was so sore from writing i told him i was going to have a bubble bath. i was relaxing when he came in the bathroom and sat down. he told me how he was feeling and how he felt about this guy. i was like wtf at first because i was totally caught of guard.

now i feel fine about it but at the time it was horrorable

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2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

mytime,<br />
wow, thats a story!<br />
i am unsure how i would feel if i went through all that. my mother almsot merry a man that told her just before the wedding. but to have a child, that must be hard for both of you.

I lived with someone and had a child with him and turns out, he tells me, he's gay!!! We used to fight about the decorating, looking back it makes sense. Oh well, I know he is happy, and I am better off with out him.