Im 23 dating a 30 year and shes my co-worker been talking for about 8 month.. Its difficult because she has a 14 year old daughter so she always comes first, of course i understand that i like that she loves to spend time with her daughter.. But what i always get is mixed feelings one day she really into me and then the next day its like i dont exist.. its confusing and painful maybe im just weak idk.. ive never dated an older women.. what really got me is that shes well experienced in the whole running game obviously she knew when i was hitting on her.. she liked it i liked it.. i feel like it going down hill now.. conversation got short the texting stop also calling stopped too... the question is.. was it just a fling or can it be more... i want more she doesn't.. we arent exclusive...
GoneeonG GoneeonG
26-30, M
Aug 21, 2014