Dating Site Is A Joke

Above average looking 50+ year old physically fit male, financially secure without visible baggage cannot find a simple connection with a stable single woman that I am attracted to.
They are all it seems more wrapped up in their grandma persona and faux interest of meeting to actually execute a plan to meet.
Looking at ages 43 - 58 and no luck over some period of months now. I am retired so I have the time to read lots of hollow profiles.. We all want the same things. Some profiles actually resonate with my own sense of style and interests. I don't want to date outside of my local geography for the obvious reasons.

I have been contacted and when I respond with "Lets meet" they back away.. Why contact me then?
I am not attracted to overly religious, many children at home still, no job, not financially secure, obese, conservative, narrow minded divas. Where are the single, average body, healthy, emotionally and financially stable, sensuous, open minded women who are not so broken who can actually step up to change their own life? I think I will give up my place in line at the dating site buffet table and see who the universe brings me into contact with. I will trust this will work out one way or the other.
No longer will I display my photos for your enjoyment to decide whether I am worthy of your faux interest and a lip service coffee meeting.
DarwinCat DarwinCat
56-60, M
May 24, 2012