Meeting Just For Lunch

Dating other men just started a few years back with an innocence lunch date. After a few lunch dates, I confessed my addiction to gambling. Jack stated he also enjoyed gambling on horses and table games. I let it be known that I preferred slots and had not gone to any casinos in a long time.
After a few more lunch dates, Jack said his wife and him was going to Lake Charles for a weekend of gambling and invited Dwayne and I along. I jumped at the chance to go and accepted the invite without even asking Dwayne, my husband. We were going to meet at Isle of Capri Casino “Lucky Wins restaurant “ for dinner at 5 p.m.
I knew Dwayne would be out of town all weekend long, so I would just tell him about it afterwards.
On Saturday, I drove to Lake Charles and did not even check into the hotel. It was only 2 and it gave me time to do some playing before dinner. Getting lost in playing, I was a little late arriving at the restaurant. I did not see Jack or his wife Tori, so I just got a table to wait for them. I thought I had missed them and was in the process of ordering something when Jack appeared. He apologized for being late, stating he had got lost in game. He said that Tori at the last minute had to go to NY for a business meeting on IT problems and contract problems.
The meal was wonderful, and we had wine afterwards. The band had started playing and I accepted Jacks offer to go dancing before going back to casino games.
Jack was a wonderful dancer, and after a few more drinks, it just happened, we kissed. It felt was good and naughty. But I was to drunk to continue to dance.
Then in a panic I realized I had not check in to the hotel. I told Jack I had forgotten to check in to the hotel. At the reservation desk, my fears were confirmed, my reservation had been given to someone else and the place was full. Jack offered to share Tori and his suite. I had no other choice except to accept the offer. Jack even went and got my bags and had them delivered to room.
The room was luxurious, with a large king size bed and couch. I was sweaty from all the dancing and told Jack if it was OK with him I would shower first. I took my bag into the huge bathroom to change my clothes after the shower. The warmth of the shower was so relaxing and the pulsing shower over my ***** as I rinsed off the soap almost made me climax. “You going to be in there all night,” Jack asked. Just about to finish and get dressed now, sorry.
In horror I looked at the clothes in the bag. I had grabbed the wrong traveling bag. Instead of my conservative traveling clothes, it was filled with all my naughty clothing.
So, I grabbed the shear g-string panties and bra, wrapped a towel around me and almost ran to the bed. The bathroom is all yours Jack.
The sheets were of great quantity and were very soft and cool. I expected Jack to sleep on the couch, and was shocked when I felt him get into bed beside me. I was still horny from the shower and at his first touch I rolled over and give him a passionate kiss. I could not control myself; it felt so exciting to be in bed with another man other than my husband. I peeled off my panties and got on top of Jack, guiding his hard penis into my wet *****. It felt so good and slutty. After we climaxed. I got him hard again taking him into my mouth. We seemed to screw for hours, until he begged no more.
This was the first time, but not the last time I dated married men.
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3 Responses Jul 26, 2010

A fantastic experience. I'm curious, does Dwayne know about your extramarital activities? Does he approve?

Wish I was as lucky as Jack!

loved that story dave