Day One

This is the day after She told me her news. I am bewildered, horrified and annoyed at myself that I didn't see how she felt so that I might have been able to do something. She IS me, and I am Her, and I can't begin to imagine my life without her in it with me. I love her with every atom of my self. I bore people I meet by talking about her and what she means to me, and how I loved her from the first nanosecond I saw her, even though I was engaged to a lovely girl at the time, but I've never felt obsessed or needy, just raw human love which is so hard to give up, even when it's not returned. Then there's the kids.......I had a mum and dad who split up, and thought it could never happen to ours. How can I think something is so perfect and flawless when its not? How do people deal with this? Does shock make you feel cold? I feel cold.
Thought...if she wasn't the best thing that ever happened to me then this wouldn't be the worst. But she is, so it is.
Mistermistake Mistermistake
51-55, M
Dec 5, 2012